Monday 26 Apr - ‘Turns’ - 5 Rnds - 400m Run, 15 Push Press (50/35), 21 Front Squat (50/35)

 Most hero WODs are dedicated to men and women killed during active service. Ian Turner was not killed in overseas conflict. He was a second commando regiment soldier who took his own life in 2017, after numerous deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan.
We do this WOD to recognise the sacrifices others have made for our continued freedoms. 
Session times are 8:30am and 4pm

Sunday 25 Apr - Open Gym 10-11am

At the going down of the sun and in the morning we will remember them. Lest We Forget.
WOD - Pyramid - 10 Burpee, 20 Double Under, 200m Run, 10 WallBall, 20 SitUp, 200m Row
Monday is a public holiday for ANZAC Day. 
We will be doing a hero WOD to pay our respects.
 Session times Monday are 8:30am and 4pm

Monday 19 Apr - Every 2 Mins - 8 Rnds - 3RM Back Squat. Every 2 Mins - 8 Rnds - 2RM Front Squat

Well done on a great weightlifting competition Stacey, Nat, Amanda (coach), Amy and Val.

Sunday 18 Apr - Open Gym 10-11am

Well done Micah, what a little legend!
WOD - 5 Rnds - 10 Burpee Box Step Up, 5 Cal Row, 10 Burpee Knee Raise, 5 Cal Row, 10 Burpee Mountain Climber, 5 Cal Row

Tuesday 13 Apr - 3 Rnds - 400m Run, 20m HandStand Walking, 20 PullUp

Skills WOD - 20 Pistol Squat, 10 Strict HandStand PushUp, 5 Strict Toes to Bar

Sunday 11 Apr - Open Gym 10-11am

WOD - 5 Rnds - 20/15cal Row, 20m Sled Push, 10x Burpee 10m Shuttle Run, 5cal AirBike/SkiErg, 200m Plate OverHead Carry

Wednesday 7 Apr - 12 Min AMRAP - 10 Power Clean (60/40), 6 HandStand PushUp, 2 Ring MuscleUp

Strength - Power Clean
Skills WOD - 6 Min AMRAP - 10m HandStand Walk, 10sec Inverted Hang, 2 Seated Box Jump

Monday 5 Apr - 4 Rnds - 30 KettleBell Swing (24/16), 15 Atomic SitUp. 4 Rnds - 25 WallBall, 10 Toes To Bar. 4 Rnds - 20 Burpee, 200m Run

The 2021 Open has come to an end. Special mentions go to Amber for getting her first bar muscle up, Tessa finishing her first ever open WOD with 21.2 and Sammy, Jess, Tai and Blake progressing to the Quarterfinals.
 Well done to everyone. What an epic 3 weeks!
Session times today are 8:30am and 4pm.

Sunday 4 Apr - Open Gym 10-11am

WOD - ‘Tabata’ 6 Rnds of Each - Bike Erg, Jumping Split Lunge, Ski Erg, Box Jump Over, Row, Flutter Kicks, AirBike, L-Sit Hold, Single Skips, Ring Rows, Suicide Sprints, Shoulder Taps
Doors Open at 10am, WarmUp/WOD starts at 10:10am