Monday 1 Jan - Open Gym 10am - 11:30am

There will be a 1 hour WOD starting at 10:30 for anyone who wants to join in. Otherwise, come in and do whatever you like, it's Open Gym.

Sunday 31 Dec - Rest Day

Saturday 30 Dec - Hopper Deck

Due to the gym flooding we missed out on Hopper Deck on Boxing Day, so we will do it today.
The Hopper Deck is a deck of cards with a different workout on each one. We will pick a card from the deck and read out the WOD. If one person in the group says 'no' the group will do 10 burpees then pick another card. We will continue to draw cards until nobody in the group says no. You can only say no once! 

Wednesday 27 Dec - 1K Run, 30 PushUp, 20 PullUp, 10x10m Farmers Carry (32/24), 800m Run, 25 PushUp, 15 PullUp, 8x10m Waiter Walk (15/10), 400m Run, 20 PushUp, 10 PullUp, 6x10m Barbell Carry (20/15), 200m Run, 10 PushUp, 5 PullUp, 4x10m DeadBall Carry (60/40), 100m Run, 5 PushUp, 2x10m Pincer Carry (15/10)

Session times for Wednesday are 4pm, 5pm, 6pm and 7pm

Tuesday 26 Dec - Gym Closed Due To Water Damage

Due to a burst water hose most of the CFD floor has been flooded. There is no permanent damage but it will take time to dry out.
We shall reopen Wednesday 4pm, unless otherwise posted. 

Monday 25 Dec - Merry Xmas

Sunday 24 Dec - Rest Day

Friday 22 Dec - 1RM Snatch. 1RM Clean & Jerk

Lachlan competed in his first weightlifting comp earlier this month, he did very well and is looking forward to many more. If you would like to participate in the sport of weightlifting the next chance to step onto the platform is Sunday 28th Jan

Thursday 21 Dec - 400m Run, 40 Dumbbell Snatch (22.5/15), 400m Run, 40 Dumbbell Thruster (15/10), 400m Run, 40m Dumbbell Lunge (15/10), 400m Run, 40 Dumbbell Burpee (22.5/15)

Thanks Marii and Mia for bringing 11 day old Max in for a visit yesterday, a perfect little man

Sunday 17 Dec - Open Gym 2-4pm

Thursday 14 Dec - 3 Rnd - 15 Thruster (40/30), 10 KneesTo Elbows

Strength - Back Squat and Push Press

Sunday 10 Dec - Open Gym 2-4pm

Thursday 7 Dec - 200 Double Under, 50 OverHead Squat (40/30)

Gymnastic Strength - 5 Min AMRAP - Strict PullUp, 2 Min Rest, 5 Min AMRAP - Dips, 2 Min Rest, 5 Min AMRAP - V-Sit

Wednesday 6 Dec - 7 Rnd - 7 Toes To Bar, 7 WallBall, 7 Burpee

Strength - Front Squat

Sunday 3 Dec - Open Gym 2-4pm

The last NTWA weightlifting comp for the year is today at Training For Warriors, 30 Daly St. 
Action starts at 11am, entry is free, please come down and support local weightlifters.