Thursday 1 Nov - 7-6-5-4-3-2-1 - DeadLift (100/70), Clapping PushUp, Bar MuscleUp

Where Matt is training for the next few months. At least it's flat?

Wednesday 31 Oct - 7 Min AMRAP - 30 Double Unders, 12 Thruster (40/30)

Strength - Front Squat and Clean Pulls

Monday 29 Oct - On the minute, every minute for 10 mins - 2 Snatch. Rest 3 mins. On the minute every minute for 10 mins - 2 Clean and Jerk

Score is total load lifted. You can increase or decrease the weight on the bar each set.

Saturday 27 Oct - 'Partner WOD' - 100 PushUps/DeadLift Hold (80/60), 100 Squats/Ring Hold, 100 SitUps/PullUp Hold, 100 Box StepUps/HandStand Hold

Was very sad to say goodbye to Bec W today. Bec and Sam are moving to Sydney after training at CFD for almost 2 years, they will be missed by many.

Thursday 25 Oct - 10 Rnd - 100m Sprint, 3 MuscleUp

CFD ladies shirts are in (guys are on the way). $30 each, get into one today!

Wednesday 24 Oct - 6min AMRAP - 6 Power Clean (60/40), 6 Knees to Elbows, 6 Lateral Jump

Sarah competing, I am also pretty sure she is smiling!
Strength - Hang Squat Snatch

Tuesday 23 Oct - 3RM Back Squat, 3RM DeadLift, 3RM Press

Sarah placed 8th in Schwartz's CrossFit Challenge held in Melbourne over the weekend. Tremendous effort from many months of hard work. CrossFit comps are tough, you need to be able to perform well across the board but you also need mental toughness. Challenge yourself next WOD to push a little harder than you normally would, rest less often. Faster, stronger, that is our goal to improve our fitness, thus our day to day lives. Get uncomfortable. 

Sunday 21 Oct - Open Gym 2-4pm

Good luck to Sarah for day 2 of Schwartz's CrossFit Challenge in Melbourne. We are all very proud to have you down there representing CFD amongst so many of Aus and NZ's finest CrossFitters. 

Saturday 20 Oct - 'Tonnage WOD' - DeadLift (3000kg/2000kg), KettleBell Swing (1500kg/1000kg), Press (1500kg/1000kg), Weighted StepUps (750kg/500kg)

On Saturday the 10th Nov 2012 CFD will compete against MaD CrossFit (Wellington NZ) in a competition that will be known as The Trans Tasman Challange. We intend to make this an annual event. The event will take place Sat 8am and consist of 3 WOD's. MaD members will do the same WOD's on the same day. We have a scoring system in place to determine which gym wins. The winners get to hang the banner (pic) proudly for 1 year, until the next time it is contested. The focus will be on participation, fun, WOD prowess and of course the bbq and beers that will follow! 

Friday 19 Oct - 60-50-40-30-20-10 Double Unders, Lunge Steps THEN 20-15-10-5 Ring Dip, PullUp

We are saying goodbye to Bec W this Saturday, 5pm at The Cav Bar. Bec and Sam are sadly (for us) moving back to Sydney. Sam is not going yet though, we get to have him WOD with us for another month. So see you all Sat arvo for food and drinks!

Thursday 18 Oct - 100 Dumbbell Snatch (20/15), 75 Front Squat (40/30), 50 Box Jump, 25 Ring PushUp

Partition reps as required
Strength - Turkish Get Up and Farmers Carry

Wednesday 17 Oct - 2 Rnds - Run 1k, 25 Squat, 10 Power Snatch (50/35), 10 OverHead Squat (50/35)

Kat G, what an inspiration. First marathon in a time of 4hrs 40min and was back in the very next day to WOD. We are all very proud of you for putting in all the training and achieving a dream.

Tuesday 16 Oct - 'Diane' - 21-15-9 DeadLift (100/70), HandStand PushUp

Compare to 20 Mar
Strength - Snatch Balance and OverHead Squat
Ash took out the NT Surf Life Saving Championships in Darwin this weekend. It included ironman, sprints, ski, board and beach events. Nice work Open Male Champion!!

Saturday 13 Oct - 'Partner WOD' - 10 Tyre Flips, 20 x 100m Sprints, 30 Strict PullUp, 40 HandStand PushUp, 50 PushUp, 60 WallBall, 70 SitUp

It was excellent to have so many of the On Ramp graduates in for their first WOD today, keep it up guys!

Tuesday 9 Oct - 'Grace' - 30 Clean & Jerk (60/40)

Compare to 17 Feb
Strength - High Hang Clean

Wednesday 3 Oct - Death by 10m Cone Sprints then Death by Ring Dips

Death by = 1 Rep in the first minute, 2 in the second minute, 3 in the 3rd minute and so on until you are unable to complete the amount of reps for that minute.
Best of luck with your deployment Mel, you will be missed by many here at CFD, especially the 5:45am gang. Keep us posted with your WOD results and let us know every time you tick a goal off that list (video proof would be nice too)! Do you like the pic I found of you in the archives?

Tuesday 2 Oct - 'Tabata MashUp' 8 Rnds - 20 sec Hang Power Clean (50/35), 10 sec Rest, 20 sec PushPress (50/35), 10 sec Rest

Our Tough Mudder Team, Carl, Ben, BJ and Marnie, with mud everywhere, including on the camera lense… 
Strength - Back Squat
Next Darwin Tri Club event is a reverse order tri. Sunday 7th Oct, Lake Alexander, 7am, 3k Run, 13k Bike, 300m Swim. Click here to become a member. Cost is $120 for the year, expires Jul 2013.