Wednesday 27 Dec - 1K Run, 30 PushUp, 20 PullUp, 10x10m Farmers Carry (32/24), 800m Run, 25 PushUp, 15 PullUp, 8x10m Waiter Walk (15/10), 400m Run, 20 PushUp, 10 PullUp, 6x10m Barbell Carry (20/15), 200m Run, 10 PushUp, 5 PullUp, 4x10m DeadBall Carry (60/40), 100m Run, 5 PushUp, 2x10m Pincer Carry (15/10)

Session times for Wednesday are 4pm, 5pm, 6pm and 7pm

Tuesday 26 Dec - Gym Closed Due To Water Damage

Due to a burst water hose most of the CFD floor has been flooded. There is no permanent damage but it will take time to dry out.
We shall reopen Wednesday 4pm, unless otherwise posted.