Saturday 29 Oct - 5 Rnd - 22 Burpee, 22 SitUp, 22 OverHead Lunge (20/15), 22 Cal (Rower or AirBike)

The 8am session today will be hosting a fundraising event for The Leukaemia Foundation. 
Manfred is QBars UGLY Bartender nomination this year. During the 8am WOD there will be a 1 Min rest every 5 mins. During that minute rest Manfred will do as many Burpees as he can. Everyone that wants to donate can sponsor Manfred per Burpee. Example if you pledge 20 cents for every Burpee and Manfred completes 100 Burpees your donation to The Leukaemia Foundation will be $20. 
From 9am there will be a BBQ cooked by Manfred. BYO if you like! 
If you would like to pledge an amount per Burpee but can't make the 8am WOD then please do so under comments or the CFD FB page. The collection bucket will be at CFD all week.

Monday 24 Oct - 10 Rope Climb, 20 Power Clean (60/40), 30 Back Squat (60/40), 40 Cal Row, 50 KettleBell Swing (24/16)

Two births in one week! 
Congratulations Simon and Jane on the arrival of Mason and to Steve and Steph on the arrival of Layla. 
Strength - Weighted PullUp

Friday 21 Oct - 'Angie' - 100 PullUp, 100 PushUp, 100 SitUp, 100 Squat

October On Ramp are really looking forward to joining the main group sessions as of today, look out for them, make them feel welcome!
Strength - OverHead Squat

Friday 14 Oct - 'Partner WOD' - 20 Rnds - 6 Power Clean (60/40), 12 Over The Bar Burpee

1 Partner Works, 1 Rests. Round for Round

Monday 10 Oct - Every 3 Mins - 4 Rnds - 6 Dumbbell Squat Snatch (15/10), 12 Box Jump, Max Strict PullUp

Gymnastice Strength - L- Sit Hold and OverHead Squat Hold
Strength - Dumbbell Squat Clean Ladder

Friday 7 Oct - 7 Wall Climb, 14 SitUp, 7 Rope Climb, 14 SitUp

Strength - OverHead Squat and Back Squat

Wednesday 5 Oct - 'Tabata' - Sledge Hit, Pistol Squat, Push Up, Box Jump Over

Skills - HandStand Walking and Strict MuscleUp