Tuesday 11 Mar - 30 MuscleUp. 3 Mins Rest. 7 Rnds - 30 Double Under, 7 PushPress

Strength - Power Clean and Push Press
14.2 was tough. OverHead Squats favour the flexible and chest to bar pull-ups are generally not a movement that people can master with only a few months of CrossFit under their belts. However, the effort displayed by so many of you over the weekend was extremely inspirational. So many people got their chest to the bar for the first time ever and then did more! For some getting the weight overhead was a first, then to squat it 10 times, very cool! Of course it was really good to see the more experienced athletes break into the 2nd and 3rd time brackets, they work hard all year and do well. However, the real magic is happening in the quiet corners where new boundaries are being pushed and previously unthinkable actions are achieved. Thanks CFD.