Sunday 31 Mar - Open Gym 2-4pm

Saturday 30 Mar - ‘Partner WOD’ - In 35 Mins - 100 WallBall, 100cal AirBike, 100 Burpee, 100 Hang Power Clean (40/30). In any time remaining Max Devils Press (15/10)

Well done to everyone who participated in The CrossFit Open. It was a spectacular 5 week display of fitness, achievements and fun.
Some impressive stats from the leaderboard - Tai, 28th in Israel. Kieran, 83rd in Ireland, Daniel, 20th in Australia in the 14-15yr age group. Princess, 26th in The Philippines. Amber, 162nd in Taiwan.  Veronica, 89th in The Czech Republic. Kienle, 121st in The Philippines. Ivan, 150th in The Philippines. Helen, 32nd in Australia in her age group and Jeff 46th in Australia in his age group. Lastly the super impressive, inspirational results of Sammy, 1st NT, 18th in Australia, 311th worldwide and Blake 1st NT, 83rd in Australia and 1331st worldwide.
Special mention also to Sarah, Amy, Ali and Gen for achieving movements they never have before and to the #lunchies for 5 weeks of banter/encouragement/leader boarding!
Good news, there is another open later in the year (Oct/ Nov) as the seasons dates are amended going forward. Stay consistent and continue working on any weaknesses.

Friday 29 Mar - 5 Min AMRAP - 5 Strict PullUp, 10 Dumbbell Push Press (15/10). 2 Min Rest. 5 Min AMRAP - 1 Rope Climb, 10 PushUp. 2 Min Rest. 5 Min AMRAP- 10cal Row, 10 Over The Rower Burpee

Skills WOD - 5 Min AMRAP- 1 Strict MuscleUp, 2 MuscleUp, 3 Bar MuscleUp. 2 Min Rest.
5 Min AMRAP- 3 Strict HandStand PushUp, 6 HandStand PushUp, 9m HandStand Walk

Monday 25 Mar - Open WOD 19.5 - 33-27-21-15-9 - Thruster (43/29), Chest To Bar PullUp

Scaled Version - Thruster (29/20), Jumping PullUp

Sunday 24 Mar - Open Gym 2-4pm

Sunday 17 Mar - Open Gym 2-4pm

Saturday 16 Mar - 9 Min AMRAP - 10 DeadLift (90/60), 15 PushUp. 3 Min Rest. 9 Min AMRAP - 10 Dumbbell Press (15/10), 15 SitUp. 3 Min Rest. 9 Min AMRAP - 10 KettleBell Swing (24/16), 15 Squat

If you would like to check out a national weightlifting meet this weekend then head to Marrara Indoor Stadium. Saturday 9am - 5pm. Sunday 8am - 2pm.

Thursday 14 Mar - 21-15-9 - Row, AirBike - 200m Run After Each Rnd

Skill - HandStand Walking 

Wednesday 13 Mar - ‘Grace’ - 30 Clean & Jerk (60/40)

Strength - Power Clean and Push Jerk
Skill - MuscleUp

Monday 11 Mar - Open WOD 19.3 - 200ft Dumbbell OverHead Lunge (22.5/15), 50 Box StepUp (22.5/15), 50 Strict HandStand PushUp, 200ft HandStand Walk

Scaled version is dumbbell front rack lunge, handstand push-ups to a 5 inch elevation, bear crawl instead of handstand walking

Sunday 10 Mar - Open Gym 2-4pm

We need bar loading volunteers at the National Masters Weightlifting at Marrara Indoor Stadium next weekend!
There will be a bar loading training session at CFD starting at 1pm today (Sunday). Please come along if you would like to help.

Tuesday 5 Mar - 19 Min AMRAP - 20 Dumbbell Push Press (15/10), 20 Box Jump. Rest for 1 Min @ 5, 10, 14 and 17min

Don’t forget to submit your 19.2 score
If you put your name down for the handstand workshop it’s on tonight at 6pm. Bring $20.
 The regular 6pm session is still on.

Sunday 3 Mar - Open Gym 2-4pm