Thursday 31 May - 10 MuscleUp, 200m Run, 8 MuscleUp, 200m Run, 6 MuscleUp, 200m Run, 4 MuscleUp, 200m Run, 2 MuscleUp, 200m Run

Graham (NTWA) demonstrating Olympic Lifts to 30+ Indigenous kids from various communities. The group are in town for 1 week for their annual schooling residential phase. They spent an hour at CFD last night having the most fun ever with rope climbs, burpees, box jumps, tyre flips and everything else we do here! Thanks so much to all from CFD who came in and helped out, it would not have gone so well without you all.
Strength - DeadLift

Wednesday 30 May - 'Tabata Sets' - Ring PushUp, WallBall, Toes To Bar, 10m Sprint

Tabata is 8 rounds of 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest. Score is total reps.
The annual City to Surf Fun Run is on this Sunday, click here to register online. 
There is a 4k and 12k option. 12k costs $50 to enter, 4k is $30. 12k starts at 7:20am, 4k starts at 7:10am. Register now as the price goes up Friday for late entries. Start/Finish for both 4k & 12k is Mindil Beach.

Saturday 26 May - 'Partner WOD' - 20 Rnds - 10 Double Under, 10 SitUp, 10 WallBall, 10 BoxJump

Julia's first comp - future champion!
Partner #1 does a complete round while partner #2 rests. Then partner 2 completes a round while partner 1 rests. Continue until 20 rounds are completed (10 each). Every 5 mins everyone runs 100m

Friday 25 May - Death by Thruster (50/35), Death by Toes To Bar, Death by Burpee

57kg from ground to overhead - impressive!!!
Death by = 1 rep in the first minute, 2 reps in the second minute, 3 reps in the third minute and so on until you cannot complete the amount of reps required in that minute.

Tuesday 22 May - 20 Min AMRAP - 1k Row (done once) 10 Burpee Box Jump, 15 KettleBell Swing (24/16), 20 SitUp

A massive congratulations to Megan and Tash for passing the Firies Fitness Test on the weekend. I know everyone has been very keen to hear how they went! Words cannot describe how hard these two have worked toward finally achieving this goal. Inspirational indeed!
Strength - Press

Monday 21 May - 'Fran' - 21-15-9 Thruster (40/30), PullUp

 Compare to 23 Dec and 23 Sep
Strength - OverHead Squat
Great Weightlifting Comp at CFD. Thanks to the lifters for lifting so well and for the support from everyone who turned up to cheer and enjoy a BBQ and beers. Next one is July - start training!

Sunday 20 May - Weightlifting Comp 10am - 12 noon

There is No Open Gym tomorrow BUT there is a Weightlifting Comp at CFD from 10am, so come on down and support the awesome lifters We will be having a BBQ from 12noon. BYO chair, drinks and cheer! Meat and salad provided.

Saturday 19 May - 'Team WOD' - 5 Rnds - 30m Tyre Drag, 30m Tyre Pull, 1 Rope Climb, 200m Row, 30m Tyre Flip

 Each team member will also complete 20 Squats, 20 Lunge Steps and 10 Burpees every round.
Pilates is on at 4pm
Olympic Weightlifting Comp is @CFD this Sunday at 10am - be there to support the awesome lifters! There will be a BBQ after it, BYO!

Tuesday 15 May - 100 Shoulder to OverHead (50/35). Every minute on the minute 10 SitUps

Titled - 'What CrossFit really looks like' (thanks Sam D)
Best of the beach photos, as voted by FB viewers!

Monday 14 May - 'Helen' - 3 Rnds - 400m Run, 21 Kettlebell Swing (24/16), 12 PullUp

 8am @ The Beach
3pm @ The Beach
Compare to 3 Mar and 31 Jan
Strength - Back Squat
I posted a heap of photos from the Saturday Beach WOD onto our Facebook group. If you haven't already, find this group and 'like' it!

Saturday 12 May - 'The Devils Mile' - 400m Lunge Walk, 30 PushUp, 400m Broad Jump, 30 Squat, 400m OverHead Carry (20/15), 30 Burpee, 400m Bear Crawl

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Compare to 2 Jul
Like every WOD we do there will be the option to scale.
We will meet at Casuarina Beach carpark at both 8am and 3pm. It is the first carpark before the surf club.
After the 8am session we will go somewhere for breakfast and after 3pm we will go to The Beachfront for a burger and beer!
There is no Pilates today but it is back on next Saturday

Friday 11 May - On the minute, every minute for 12 mins - 1 Power Snatch, 1 Hang Power Snatch, 1 Squat Snatch, 1 OverHead Squat

Score = total weight lifted for all 12 sets. You can increase or decrease the load each round.
Kelvin moved to Melbourne today, very sad for CFD, we will miss him a lot.

Thursday 10 May - 'Karen' - 150 WallBall

 Strength - Bench Press

Tuesday 8 May - 21-15-9 Burpee, Ring Dip

 Strength - Power Clean

Monday 7 May - 'Unbroken' - KB Swing (24/16), Double Under, PullUp, Toes To Bar, Sit Up, Thruster (40/30), Push Up, Box Jump, Squat, Push Press(40/30)

Session times are 4pm and 5pm only today. On Ramp is 6pm.
Working with a partner you will do as many reps as possible of each exercise, your partner will count your reps and ensure they are good reps. If the movement involves the PullUp station you score reps until you drop from the bar. For movements using the Olympic bar reps are scored until you put the bar down. For all other movements you score reps until you pause/rest for 2 seconds or more. Score is total reps for all 10 exercises.

Sunday 6 May - Open Gym 2-4pm

The Heart Foundation's Beat a Path Fun Run/Walk is on today (Sunday). Register at 7:15am for an 8am start. Where - Lake Alexander. Cost - $20 includes a light breakfast. Distance - 4.8k. If you don't want to get there early click here to register online.

Saturday 5 May - Run 2k, 100 SitUp, 80 Squat, 60 Lunge Step, 40 Hang Power Clean (50/35), 20 Dumbbell Push Press (15/10)

The run can be a 2.5k row or 500 double unders. It can be broken up throughout the WOD however you like. 

Thursday 3 May - Back Squat 1-10, 1-20, 1-30

1 Back Squat at 80-85% of your 1RM, then 10 Back Squats at 60-65% of your 1RM. 
1 Back Squat at 80-85% then 20 Back Squats at 50-55%. 
1 Back Squat at 80-85% then 30 Back Squats at 40-45% of 1RM
Rest as required between sets