Sunday 30 Sep - Open Gym 2-4pm

Ali represented CFD in the Fitness Model category at the INBA Body Building Comp this weekend. As expected Ali hit the stage looking strong and confident. It's so good to see CFD athletes getting involved in many different sports and activities. Using your fitness is what makes all those WOD's worthwhile so, if you are not already, get involved in something that you did not think possible BC (before CrossFit). Marathon? Roller Derby? Weightlifting Comp? Ultimate Frisbee? Training for trainings sake is not as exciting as doing something with it, so do something!   

Friday 28 Sep - 'Randy' - 75 Power Snatch (35/25)

Drinks for Mel's going away after the 5:30pm session. BYO if you want anything other than beer.
Strength - KettleBell Thruster

Wednesday 26 Sep - 5 Rnd - 15 PushUps, 20 SitUps, 25 Squats

CSC training hard at CFD again, CrossFitters of the future!
Strength - Split Jerk

Sunday 23 Sep - Open Gym 2-4pm

Great run this morning! 

Saturday 22 Sep - 8am Session - 5k Run at East Point. 3pm Session 'Hopper Deck' at CFD

8am session is a 5k Run/Walk with the US Marines, Aus Army and anyone who wants to join them. Cost is $20 with proceeds going to Red Cross. If you haven't already filled out your registration form you need to get to the start line at 7:30am and register then. Cost on the morning though is $25. Look at that awesome running track, what a great way to start the weekend!
The 3pm session will be at the gym. We will draw a card from The Hopper Deck and do whatever the card tells us to do!
To all those from CFD hitting Tough Mudder in Melbourne this weekend - You guys are crazy, we can't wait to hear the stories when you get back. Go team!

Friday 21 Sep - 100 Toes to Bar, every minute on the minute 10 Lunge Steps. Then 100 Overhead Lunge Steps (25/20), every minute on the minute 3 Burpee

A reminder that the 8am session this Saturday is a 5k Run (or walk) with the US Marines. I guarantee there will be flag carrying and chants. It will be great so come along and enjoy it. I have entry forms at the gym so if you plan on being there fill one out by Friday.
 The 3pm WOD will be held here at CFD.

Thursday 20 Sep - 8 MIN AMRAP - 1 Clean & Jerk (75/50), 10 Double Under, 2 Clean & Jerk, 20 Double Under, 3 Clean & Jerk, 30 Double Under… continue increasing by 1 C&J and 10 DU's every round for 8 mins

Strength - Clean & Jerk
This Saturday the 8am WOD will be a 5k Run/Walk at East Point. It is a Red Cross fundraiser event organised by The Army, The Marines and Darwin Runners and Walkers Club. It starts at The Military Museum at 8am. Cost is $20. I have registration forms at the gym. If you want more info click here. The 3pm session (not a 5k run…) will be held at CFD.

Wednesday 19 Sep - 15 Min AMRAP - 3 MuscleUps, 6 HandStand PushUps, 9 V Sits

Casuarina Senior College invade CFD!

Tuesday 18 Sep - Deadlift 5-3-3-1-1-1

5RM Deadlift compare to 25 Jul 
1RM Deadlift compare to 19 Jun

Saturday 15 Sep - 'Partner WOD' - 20 Rnds - 10 Double Unders, 10 SitUp, 10 Dumbbell Clean Thruster (15/10), 10 Box Jump

Partner 1 completes 1 round while partner 2 rests. Then partner 2 completes the next round while partner 1 rests. Continue until 20 rnds are done (10 each). A 400m run is done on completion of 20 rnds, time is called once both people have crossed the finish line. 
One more thing… partner up with somebody you don't know, it's make a friend day at CFD!

Friday 14 Sep - 50 Push Press (40/30), 40 PullUp, 30 Power Clean (40/30), 20 Box Jump, 10 GHD SitUp

Big day of 1st's yesterday, Woody, Brad and Pete M got muscle ups, Ashley got a handstand, Fiona got a pullup and Annie made friends with the 24kg KB, great day! Then Carl gets himself on a CrossFit Journal vid, click here to check it out!

Thursday 13 Sep - 6 Rnds - Row 500m, Run 500m

Rest as required between rounds

Wednesday 12 Sep - 3 Rnd - 7 Front Squat (60/40), 14 KettleBell Swing (32/24), Run 200m

DPD competing in Sydney on the weekend, good work Dave!

Tuesday 11 Sep - 5 Min AMRAP - 1 Strict PullUp, 2 PushUp, 3 Squat

The super 6 and their cheer squad
Strength - Press

Monday 10 Sep - Every 2 Mins for 20 Minutes - 18 Double Under, 9 SitUp, 3 Snatch

Strength - Snatch
Absolutely outstanding effort from the 6 CFD athletes who competed this weekend at CFT.
The final standings and photos are up on our FB page.

Saturday 8 Sep - 'Kelly' - 5 Rnd - 400m Run, 30 Box Jump, 30 WallBall OR 'Helen' - 3 Rnds - 400m Run, 21 KettleBell Swing (24/16), 12 PullUp

Congratulations Jo and JP!
Kelly - Compare to 25 Feb
Helen - Compare to 14 May
Good luck to Andrew, Az, Adrian, Amze, Sarah and Sammy D who are going in a CrossFit comp at CF Territory Saturday and Sunday. I am sure they would appreciate some friendly, familiar faces in the crowd so head on out and support them! Start time 9am Saturday.

Friday 7 Sep - 5 Mins Bar Facing Burpee, 4 Mins DeadLift, 3 Mins MuscleUps, 2 Mins Goblet Squat (16/12), 1 Min Box Jump

Amze's OnRamp group are ready to join the main group sessions, look after and encourage them!
Sub for Muscle Ups in this WOD is PullUps

Thursday 6 Sep - 10 min AMRAP - Max HandStand PushUps, 50 Lunge Steps

That's right, luluemon is back in town selling workout gear at Time Out gym.
Score = Total HandStand PushUps

Wednesday 5 Sep - 'Nancy' - 5 Rnd - Run 400m, 15 OverHead Squat (40/30)

Strength - OverHead Squat
Compare to 15 Jun

Tuesday 4 Sep - Death by Hang Power Clean and Push Jerk (50/35)

Steph D and Steph W at the triathlon on the weekend, so happy!
1 Clean & Jerk in the first minute, 2 in the second minute and so on until you are unable to complete the required reps for that minute.
Strength - Kettlebell Press

Monday 3 Sep - 15 Rnds - 5 MedBall Clean, 5 PushUp, 5 Toes To Bar

Strength - Weighted PullUp

Sunday 2 Sep - Open Gym 2-4pm

Don't forget it's an action packed weekend of sport! The Triathlon starts at Lake Alexander at 7:30am - Go Team CFD! Also the weightlifting comp at CF Territory at 10am.