Tuesday 1 Oct - Test Day - 1RM DeadLift, 1 RM Front Squat, 400m Run, Max Strict PullUps, 200m Row, Max Unbroken Double Unders (3 attempts)

We will re test this WOD at the end of the month as part of the Healthy Living Challenge. Remember to add your name to the scoring board and enjoy a month of healthy living!

Monday 30 Sep - Every Minute On The Minute for 12 Mins - Odd - 6 Burpee, Even - Max Reps Clean & Jerk (60/40)

Continue until 30 Clean & Jerks are completed, or you reach the 12 Min Time Cap
Strength - Press, Weighted Dips

Saturday 28 Sep - 3 Rnds - 1 Min Double Under, 1 Min WallBall. 3 Rnds - 1 Min Box Jump, 1 Min KettleBell Swing (24/16). 3 Rnds - 1 Min Power Clean (50/35), 1 Min Back Squat (50/35)

Look what happened today! Little Cameron Jeremy Stonham arrived! Massive congratulations to Greg and Nell from everyone at CFD. Nell continued WODing throughout her pregnancy, right up until yesterday! 

Thursday 26 Sep - 'Helen' - 3 Rnd - 400m Run, 21 KettleBell Swing (24/16), 12 PullUp

7pm tonight (Thursday) there will be a Pilates session, $10. BYO mat if you have one, otherwise one will be provided.

Wednesday 25 Sep - 3 Min AMRAP - PushPress (50/35). 2 Min Rest. 3 Min AMRAP - Front Rack Lunge Step (50/35). 2 Min Rest. 3 Min AMRAP - Ring Dip

Strength - Snatch (light technique work only).
The CrossFit Darwin Healthy Living Challenge is back, beginning Tuesday 1st Oct. More details over the next few days on the notice board but it will be very similar to the last one. There will be points gained for working out, stretching, eating well and taking fish oil. All of the things we love to do anyway! There will be a 'Testing Day' WOD on Tuesday that we will retest at the end of the month to see if the hard work has paid off! 

Tuesday 24 Sep - 500m Row then 10-1 - WallBall, Dumbbell Snatch (20/15) then 500m Row

Strength - Turkish Get Up and Weighted PullUp
CFD is hosting the next NTWA weightlifting comp this weekend, therefore there will be no Pilates on Sunday. Instead Pilates, with Sophie, will be held this Thursday night at 7pm, cost is $10 and non CFD members are welcome so feel free to bring a friend. 

Saturday 21 Sep - 'Partner WOD' - 60 Thruster (20/15), 200m Barbell Carry, 60 OverHead Squat (20/15), 200m Barbell Carry, 60 Hang Power Clean (20/15), 200m Barbell Carry. Rest 3 Mins. 100 Squat, 100 Jumping Split Lunge, 100 PushUp

Partners will share the reps, one works, one rests. If the barbell is placed on the ground there is a 5 burpee penalty.
There is an Intro Session at CrossFit 11 Mile today at 10am, tell your friends!

Thursday 19 Sep - 7 Min AMRAP - Hang Power Snatch (40/30), Box Jump, PullUp

1 rep of each, 2 reps of each, 3 reps of each and so on until 7 mins is up.
Strength - Hang Power Snatch

Tuesday 17 Sep - 22 Min AMRAP - 11 Thruster (40/30), 11 Burpee.

Every 4 mins run 200m
Strength - Thruster

Monday 16 Sep - 5 Rnds - 5 Strict PullUp, 10 MedBall Clean, 15 SitUps

Strength - Back Squat

Sunday 15 Sep - Open Gym 2-4pm

Next NTWA comp is just 2 weeks away. Sunday 29th Sep, 11am at CFD

Friday 13 Sep - 10 HandStand PushUp, 200m Run, 20 Pistol, 200m Run, 30 PullUp, 200m Run, 40 Box Jump, 200m Run, 50 OverHead Lunge Step (20/15), 200m Run

If you have registered for Candy Jam don't forget to pick up your 'race' pack. CFD and CF11 Mile will meet near the toilet block at the Darwin High School end at Mindal Beach, not the toilets at the casino end. There will be over 5000 people there so hopefully we will all find each other!

Tuesday 10 Sep - 30-25-20-15-10-5- PushPress (50/35), Squat

Strength - Front Squat

Monday 9 Sep - 4 Rnds - 400m Run, 4 Tyre Flip, 4 Rope Climb

Big intro session on Saturday!
Bring long socks for the Rope Climbs.
Strength - Push Press 

Sunday 8 Sep - Open Gym 2-4pm

Friday 6 Sep - 'OPT Flight Simulator' - Double Under - 5-10-15-20-25-30-35-40-45-50-45-40-35-30-25-20-15-10-5

Renee helping NTWA out with a demonstration on the weekend.
Compare to 9 Nov 2012 and 16 Aug 2012
20 Min Time Cap.

Wednesday 4 Sep - 'Tabata Sets' - Squat, SitUp, DeadLift (75/50), 1 Arm Dumbbell Press (15/10)

Strength - Press
Due to popular demand the 5:45am session will be changing to a 5:30am start, as of Monday. It will continue at the 5:45am time slot for the rest of this week. Thank you to all the first session regulars who participated in the survey!

Tuesday 3 Sep - 8 Min AMRAP - 8 Hang Clean (60/40), 8 Front Rack Lunge Step (60/40), 16 Lateral Jump

Strength - Hang Clean and Front Rack Lunge
This Thursday at 6pm there will be no WOD, instead there will be a Yoga Session run by Carol Milstein. Cost is $10, the session will go for a little over 1 hour. This is our opportunity to trial this Yoga session and see if we want more of them to be held at CFD. Come along and help decide if these sessions will become a regular event. 

Monday 2 Sep - 2 Rnd - 12 HandStand PushUp, 24 PullUp, 48 DoubleUnder

Strength - Back Squat
Congrats to Joe and Erin on the birth of their baby boy, Andy.