Friday 30 Sep - 'Unbroken' - KB Swing (24/16), Double Under, PullUp, Toes To Bar, Sit Up, Thruster (40/30), Push Up, Box Jump, Squat, Push Press (40/30)

 Compare to 4 Jun
There is no 8am session today.
Working with a partner you will do as many reps as possible of each exercise, your partner will count your reps and ensure they are good reps. If the movement involves the PullUp station you score reps until you drop from the bar. For movements using the Olympic bar reps are scored until you put the bar down. For all other movements you score reps until you pause/rest for 2 seconds or more. Score is total reps for all 10 exercises!

Thursday 29 Sep - 1 Clean and Jerk on the minute every minute for 15 minutes

The weight of the bar is up to you. Score is total weight lifted for all 15 reps.

Monday 26 Sep - 'Elizabeth' - 21-15-9 Clean (60/40), Ring Dip

 Compare to 16 Apr and 17 Jan
Strength - Push Jerk/Split Jerk

Friday 23 Sep - 'Fran' - 21-15-9 Thruster (40/30), PullUp

Reminder that there is no 8am session today
Compare to 11 Apr 

Thursday 22 Sep - 5 Rnds - 35 Double Under, 200m Run

Thanks for the last 3 weeks Brad - represented on the winning Dragon Boat team and at the Weightlifting meet!
There is no 8am session this Friday

Wednesday 21 Sep - Mobility Day

 A few people have been asking me lately if we can have a mobility session, so here it is! If you don't need a rest/roll out/stretch day then I have a 'Hopper Deck' where you choose a card and do whatever WOD is on it. If you don't want to do that WOD do 10 burpees and choose again.

Monday 19 Sep - 'Partner WOD' - 3 Rnds (each) - Run 200m, 10 Toes To Bar, 20 PushUps, 30 Walking Lunge

While partner #1 completes a round partner #2 does as many Snatch Grip DeadLifts (70/50) as possible. Partners switch when partner #1 completes a round. Score is time minus 1 second for every DeadLift.
Awesome efforts at the weightlifting comp today from all the CFDers - Mel, Leanne, Kel R, Cody, Brad and John. Thanks to all who came and supported too!

Sunday 18 Sep - Open Gym 2-4pm

Weightlifting Comp at Time Out Gym (100 Mitchell St) @ 11am today (Sunday).
7 people from CFD are lifting so come on down and check it out!

Tuesday 13 Sep - 2 Rnds - 600m Row, 15 Push Press (50/35)

Check out the winning Dragon Boat Team (Mixed)!!
Champion effort indeed!
Leanne, Mel, Brad, Anthony, Fionna, Shelley, Kerrie-Anne and Michael

Saturday 10 Sep - 50 Med Ball Clean, 10 Burpee, 40 Ring Dip, 10 Burpee, 30 KettleBell Snatch (16/12), 10 Burpee, 20 PullUp, 10 Burpee, 800m Run

A real breakfast! 
For all those keen for some Dragon Boat Racing action on Sunday (whether you put your name down for it or not) be at the Cullen Bay end of Kahlin Oval at 8:15am Sunday morning with water bottle, hat, sunscreen, a chair, CFD shirt and $20. The earlier start is so the team can get some safety instruction and a practice before the big race. Great opportunity to show how strong you all are and how we can adapt quickly to a new sport!!

Friday 9 Sep - 15-10-5 Box Jump, Strict PullUp

Strength - DeadLift

Thursday 8 Sep - 60 OverHead Squat (40/30)

Every time you put the bar down you owe 15 Double Unders at the end.

Tuesday 6 Sep - 5 Rnds - 400m Run, 20 PushUp, 10 Knees To Elbows

Great work on the Muscle Ups Jarrod and Eddie also to Kel R for getting HandStand PushUps!

Sunday 4 Sep - Open Gym - 2-4pm

Good luck with your course Josh. Let us know how it goes at CrossFit Albury Wodonga. See you in a few months!

Saturday 3 Sep - Fight Gone Bad' - 3 Rnds - Wall Ball (10ft/8ft), Sumo DeadLift HighPull (35/25), Box Jump (60/50cm), Push Press (35/25), Row

Compare to 7 Jun and 23 Apr
1 min per station, 1 min rest between rounds, total reps is score.

Friday 2 Sep - 5k Row