Monday 1 Aug - 60m OverHead Weighted Lunge Walk (15/10), 60m Bear Crawl, 60 KB Swing (24/16), 600m Run, 40m OverHead Weighted Lunge Walk, 40m Bear Crawl, 40 KB Swing, 400m Run, 20m OverHead Weighted Lunge Walk, 20m Bear Crawl, 20 KB Swing, 200m Run, 100 SitUps

Matt and Renee - 1st male and 1st female across the 21k line from CF Darwin.
Matt crushed it in a time of around 1hr 33mins and Renee was just over 2hrs!
I didn't get any group photos at the end - I was too busy trying to regain the use of my legs...
There is no 5:45am or 6:30am session in the morning, all other sessions are still on.