Friday 26 May - 5RM Front Squat. 3RM Press

Sammy is competing at The CrossFit Games Pacific Regionals this weekend in Wollongong. The CFD crew will be wearing our SD supporter tees and cheering hard from Darwin. Good luck Sammy, you are an inspiration! 

Tuesday 23 May - 'Fran' - 21-15-9 - Thruster (40/30), PullUp

Strength - Hang Power Clean & Push Jerk

Saturday 20 May - 'Fight Gone Bad' - 3 Rnd - 1 Min - WallBall, 1 Min - SumoDeadLift HighPull (35/25), 1 Min - Box Jump, 1 Min - PushPress (35/25), 1 Min - Row, 1 Min - Rest

Congratulations to all who attended the CrossFit Level 1 Seminar last weekend. We will be hosting another one 29-30th July, register here
If you registered for the 1k Burpee Challenge be at the waterfront for an 8am start, yay burpees!

Tuesday 16 May - 2 Rnd - 7 Bar MuscleUp, 14 Burpee Box Jump Over

Strength - Snatch and Clean & Jerk

Monday 15 May - In 20 Mins - 30 Back Squat (60/40), 600m Run, 20 Back Squat, 400m Run, 10 Back Squat, 200m Run. In time remaining - Max Strict HandStand PushUp

The May On Ramp Group are ready to WOD
Strength - PullUp
There is a 1k Burpee Challenge at the Waterfront on Saturday at 8am. Registrations close tonight (Sunday). Click here to register. More People = More Fun, let's do this!

Sunday 14 May - Rest Day

There is no Open Gym today due to the Level 1 Course being held at CFD.

Saturday 13 May - Run, Walk or Swim

This weekend we are hosting a CF Level 1 Trainers Course so we can't use the gym. 
Instead we are going to meet at the Waterfront Lagoon at 8:30am and 4pm. From there you can go for a swim, a walk or a run, then spend some time chilling out on the lawn with your CFD buddies and a refreshing beverage. Don't forget sunscreen, water, a towel and a hat. If you go for a run or walk somebody will be there to look after your belongings. 

Sunday 7 May - Open Gym 2-4pm

Free Intro Session 10am today

Saturday 6 May - 'Partner WOD' - 7 Min - Row, 2 Min Rest, 7 Min - KettleBell Swing (24/16), 2 Min Rest, 7 Min - Burpee, 2 Min Rest, 7 Min - Dumbbell Shoulder To OverHead (15/10)

1 Works, 1 Rests. Swap Every 30 seconds
Today is Bring A Friend Day (all sessions).
If you have a friend (or more) who are interested in giving CrossFit a go bring them in today.

Wednesday 3 May - 2 Rnd - 400m Run, 50m Broad Jump, 500m Row, 50m Broad Jump

Skills - Muscle Up and HandStand Walking (or HandStand PushUp)