Friday 30 Mar - 10-1, 1-10 - KettleBell Swing (24/16), Burpee

 If anyone wants any equipment from Iron Edge click for the website then let me know by lunch time Friday (email if you are not at the gym before that time), I am putting in an order tomorrow.

Thursday 29 Mar - CF Football Total - 1RM Clean, 1RM Squat, 1RM Bench Press, 1RM DeadLift

Marnie and Kylee putting in strong Games WOD 5 efforts! 
I am very proud of everyone who competed during this years CF Games Open. Special mentions would have to go to Leanne and Salli. Both lifted heavier, jumped higher and squatted lower than they ever have and probably ever thought possible! Everybody truly stepped it up for all the games wods and I can't wait for next year! Well done to all athletes and judges for maintaining the highest of standards.

Wednesday 28 Mar - 4 x 500m Row, 4 x 400m Run

This is a common 5:45am/5pm/6pm scene - busy!! We have a solution to our space issue. We're getting half of next door to increase our current area by 50%. Not sure exactly when the wall is due to come down but it will be soon!

Tuesday 27 Mar - 'Cindy' - 20 Min AMRAP - 5 PullUps, 10 PushUps, 15 Squats OR 'Mary' - 20 Min AMRAP - 5 HandStand PushUps, 10 Pistols, 15 PullUps

Sarah's MU vid is on our facebook group page. If you haven't already 'like' so you can watch it!

Monday 26 Mar - 'DT' - 5 Rnd - 12 DeadLift (70/50), 9 Hang Power Clean (70/50), 6 Push Jerk (70/50)

Thanks Julia for the awesome CFD, 2nd Birthday, Bumper Plate Cake! It was delicious. 
Sarah and Adam H got both got their first Muscle Up today - I got Sarah's second one on video and will post it on here tomorrow night

Sunday 25 Mar - Open Gym 2-4pm

Group tyre flipping fun!
 Want to repeat Games WOD #5 for a better score? See you at Open Gym!

Saturday 24 Mar - 'Team WOD' - 200m Tyre Flip, 100 Squats, 400m Run, 100 SitUps, 200m Tyre Flip

Eddie, at no risk of getting a 'no rep' on the chest to bar pullups!

Friday 23 Mar - Games WOD #5 - 7 min AMRAP - 3 Thruster (45/30), 3 Chest to Bar PullUp, 6 Thruster, 6 Chest to Bar PullUp, 9 Thruster, 9 Chest to Bar PullUp (keep adding 3 reps until 7mins is up)!

  The last Games WOD for the 2012 Open is the same as the last WOD from the 2011 Open - I like it, a way to gauge your improvement after 11 months of training.
Compare to 28 Apr