Sunday 1 Aug - 10am-11am - Open Gym and WOD

WOD - Tabata - 6 Rnds of Each - Cals, Hollow Hold, Double Unders, Side Plank Hold, Mountain Climbers. 2 Mins Rest. 15 Min AMRAP - 7 Cals, 7 Hollow Rock, 14 Double Unders, 7 Side Plank Pulse, 7 Mountain Climbers. 

Friday 23 Jul - 30 Min AMRAP - 200m Run, 20 KettleBell Swing (24/16), 10 Box Jump Over, 10 Toes Thru Rings. Every 5 Mins - 5 Wall Climb (including 3,2,1………go!)

Thanks to our Fitprint Store has new product and designs.
Session times today are 8:30am and 4pm

Monday 19 Jul - 50-40-30-20-10 - Row (cal), Push Press (50% of your 5RM)

Strength - 5RM Push Press

Saturday 17 Jul - ‘Kalsu’ - 100 Thruster (60/40) *Every Minute 5 Burpees

Congratulations Kelli, Steve and Gen for completing the CF Level 1 Trainers course.

Monday 12 Jul - 18 Min AMRAP - 250m Row, 20 Sledge Hits, 10 DeadBall Over Shoulder (40/30)

Welcome back everyone!
Gymnastics WOD - 6 Min AMRAP - Max set Strict PullUps, 20 Squats. 1 Min Rest. 6 Min AMRAP- Max set Strict Dips, 20 SitUps

Sunday 11 Jul - 45 MIn AMRAP - 1 Doctors Gully Run then 2 Rnds - 10 Atomic SitUp, 10/5 Push Up, 10 Hollow Rock, 10/5 Push Up

CFD is closed again today for the Level 1 Course. 
We will do a WOD at Doctors Gully at 10am. Meet in the fish feeding carpark. 
Bring sun protection, a towel or mat and plenty of water. 

Saturday 10 Jul - Beach WOD

Beach WOD today because CFHQ are hosting a L1 Trainers Course at CFD.
8:30am and 5pm Casuarina Beach (nudist end carpark)
Please bring sun protection, mosquito repellent and water.
The WOD will be revealed when you get there. It is scalable to suit everyone.
Clothing optional. Kidding, please wear clothes. 

Friday 9 Jul - ‘The I might not have trained for 2 weeks WOD’ - 10 Min AMRAP - 3 Burpee PullUp, 6 Box Jump Over, 9 MedBall Clean. 2 Min Rest. 10 Min AMRAP - 3 Strict Toes To Bar, 6 Box Jump, 9 MedBall Push Jerk. 2 Min Rest. 10 Mins of Mobility (stretch and roll)

Open Gym 1pm - 4pm. 
4pm, 5pm and 6pm Sessions
CFD is closed all weekend as we are hosting a Level 1 Coaches Course. 
There will be an Outdoor WOD posted for both Saturday and Sunday. We will meet as a group for these.

Sunday 4 Jul - Bush Walk - 10am - Holmes Jungle - Meet at the Hilltop Picnic Area

Let’s use the gym being closed as a reason to go on an adventure.
Turn off Vanderlin Drive onto Shoal Bay Access Rd then right at the Holmes Jungle turnoff.
Kids, friends and dogs (on a lead) welcome.

Saturday 3 Jul - 30 Min Up Ladder - Dumbbell Snatch (right arm), Burpee, Dumbbell Snatch (left arm), V-Sit. * Every 5 Mins, including on 3,2,1.....go! - 50 Double Unders

Thanks for all the Zoom sessions this week Sammy, looks like we get to keep them going for another week. 
There will be no zoom sessions over the weekend but they will be back Monday until we can reopen.
If you didn’t get to collect any equipment from CFD today and would like to then email, instagram message or fb message to arrange a pick up time.
Up Ladder = add an extra rep each round until 30 Mins is up.

Friday 2 Jul - 100 KB Swing. 1 Min Rest. 8 Min EMOM - 45 sec Shuttle Run. 1 Min Rest. 6 Min EMOM - 45 sec Burpee Shuttle Run. 1 Min Rest. 4 Min EMOM - 45 sec Devils Shuttle. 1 Min Rest. 2 Min AMRAP - Devils Press

Skills WOD - 10 Min EMOM - Odd - HandStand Hold or Walk, Even - Pike Press or HandStand PushUp
Tomorrows press conference will provide updates on the current lockdown.
These updates will determine when we can reopen.
 Keep an eye on the CFD Instagram, Facebook and this page for any news.
Until then we have Sammy’s Zoom sessions!