Monday 29 Sep - 'Angie' - 100 PullUp, 100 Push Up, 100 SitUp, 100 Squat

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Strength - Turkish GetUp

Saturday 27 Sep - 'Partner WOD' - 400m Med Ball Carry, 100 MedBall Clean, 400m Dumbell Carry (20/15), 100 Dumbbell Snatch (20/15), 400m Barbell OverHead Carry (20/15), 100 Power Snatch (40/30), 40m Sled Push, 40 Tyre Flips

Great run from Ryan last weekend at The Mitchell St Mile, 2nd place in the Defence, Police and Fire Services category with a smoking 4 mins 45 secs!
The 3pm session today will be held at 1pm due to the AFL Grand Final

Friday 26 Sep - 10 Press, 15 PushPress, 20 Push Jerk

Strength - Power Clean & Jerk

Tuesday 23 Sep - Death by Squat Clean (60/40). 2 Min Rest. Death by Burpee PullUp

Strength - Press
If anyone would like to lift in the next NTWA comp on Sunday 5th Oct (snatch, clean & jerk), please let me, or any of the coaches know by Friday. 

Saturday 20 Sep - 'The Seven' - 7 Rnds - 7 HandStand PushUp, 7 Thruster (60/40), 7 Knee To Elbow, 7 DeadLift (110/75), 7 Burpee, 7 KettleBell Swing (32/24), 7 PullUp

Ali and Brad checking out other CrossFit boxes on their European holiday
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If you would like to watch Stef and her team in action at their soccer grand final this weekend head to Marrara Soccer Stadium, Saturday 5:30pm! 

Tuesday 16 Sep - 5 Rnds - 3 Wall Climb, 20 Lunge Step, 1 Rope Climb

Strength - OverHead Squat
Bring Shin Protection for the Rope Climbs

Sunday 14 Sep - Open Gym 2-4pm

The huge September On Ramp group, say hello when you see them, make them feel at home! 

Friday 12 Sep - 'Karen' - 150 WallBall

Compare to 1 Apr
The Friday 5:30am session is cancelled due to the likelihood of the power being out. All other sessions are on though. If the power is out tomorrow bring plenty of cold water as we won't have the bubbler.

Thursday 11 Sep - 11 Min Up Ladder - DeadLift (120/80), MuscleUp

 Strength - Sumo DeadLift

Tuesday 9 Sep - 10x10 Back Squat

 Compare to 23 May

Monday 8 Sep - On The Minute - 6 Mins - Odd - 10 Box Jump, Max KettleBell Swing (24/16), Even - Rest. On The Minute - 6 Mins - 10 MedBall Clean, Max SitUp, Even - Rest

Strength - Power Clean and Press
Who won NorFit? The NT CrossFit Community! What an outstanding day of effort, strength and friendship. Well done to all involved, orgainisers, competitors, judges and spectators. The next big CrossFit Event is The Again Faster Allstars 2 day event at CrossFit Top End in October. This is a 6 person team event and is open to all levels.

Saturday 6 Sep - 2 Rnds - 800m Run, 30 KettleBell Swing (32/24), 30 PullUps, 400m Run, 15 OverHead Squat (40/30), 50 DoubleUnder, 50 SitUp

NorFit Series, event 2 is on today at CF11M, 11am - 7pm. Best of luck to all competitors, great way to spend your Saturday! If you can't be there to cheer them all on keep an eye on Wodbuzz for results.

Friday 5 Sep - 10-1 - KettleBell Thruster (16/12), Row (cal), Toes Thru Rings

CrossFit 11 Mile and CrossFit Top End have been working hard to bring the 2nd installment of The NorFit Series 2014 to you all this Saturday. Heats start at 11am and should finish around 7pm. Utter Nutter, Darwin Power Sports and Wicked Energy will all be there. 
Come on down to CF 11M, 2/104 McKinnon Rd, Pinelands and cheer loudly for all those competing! 

Wednesday 3 Sep - 10-8-6-4-2 - Hang Squat Clean (50/35), HandStand PushUp

Strength - Clean & Jerk Complex

Tuesday 2 Sep - 7 Rnds - 1 Rope Climb, 3 Hang Power Snatch (40/30), 5 Ring Dip

Dave T and Ronan, living it up, Litchfield
Strength - Hang Power Snatch