Wednesday 1 Feb - Deadlift 5-5-5-5-5

Compare to 3 Aug

Monday 30 Jan - WOD #1 - Death by 10m Farmers Carry (15/10). WOD #2 - Death by Ring Dip

Death by  = adding one extra rep every minute until you can no longer fit in the number of reps for that minute.

Sunday 29 Jan - Open Gym - 2-4pm

The BBQ crew - thanks Kel S and gang!

Friday 27 Jan - 10 HandStand PushUp, 15 Jumping Squat, 20 Bar Facing Burpee, 25 DeadLift (80/60), 100 Double Under, 25 DeadLift (80/60), 20 Bar Facing Bupee, 15 Jumping Squat, 10 HandStand PushUp

  I told a few people the 8am session would be cancelled today but it's back on.
How awesome is the wall!! Thanks Chloe Blanchard!
Great turnout at the Aus Day Lifting Comp, plenty of crowd support meant PB's all round!

Thursday 26 Jan - Weightlifting Comp @ CFD - 10am

  If you have registered to compete in the Weightlifting Comp weigh in is 8-9am. For all those keen to spectate (that's all of you) comp starts at 10am. The BBQ will kick off around 12noon. Bring drinks and a chair.
The Fun Run has been cancelled so have a sleep in instead!

Wednesday 25 Jan - 3 Rnds - 15 Toes To Bar, 25 Box Jump

The 100m sprint blur!
Strength - Front Squat
There will be no sessions at CFD on Australia Day (Thursday). There will be a Weightlifting Comp starting at 10am and a BBQ at 12 noon. Come along and support the CFD lifters, enjoy a free feed and listen to Triple J Hottest 100!
Also, there is the Australia Day Fun Run (4.5k) or Walk (2k) starting at 7am on the Esplanade. There are registration forms on the notice board, just take it along on the morning with a gold coin donation.

Monday 23 Jan - 10 x 100m Sprint

Compare to 7 Nov
Strength - Weighted PullUps and Dumbbell Press

Friday 20 Jan - 5 mins of 'Cindy', 10mins of 'Nicole'

 'Cindy' = 5 PullUps, 10 Push Ups, 15 Squats. 'Nicole' = 400m Run, Max PullUps. 
Score = Total PullUps for both WODs
Strength = Back Squat

Thursday 19 Jan - 'Elizabeth' - 21-15-9 Clean (60/40), Ring Dip

Compare to 26 Sep
 One week until the Australia Day Weightlifting Comp (Snatch and Clean & Jerk) at CFD. No sessions that day - just lifting!! Start time 10am, BBQ to follow, all invited. Let me know by tomorrow if you want to enter.

Saturday 14 Jan - 'Partner WOD' - 1.2k Run, 1k Row, 200 KettleBell Swing (24/16), 200 SitUp, 100 OverHead Lunge Walk (20/15), 50 Box Jump, 50 Dumbbell Press (15/10), 50 Burpee

 Working with a partner one person does the reps while the other rests. Complete in any order and partition as required.

Wednesday 11 Jan - Skills Day

 Today we will work on the more technical movements - Muscle Ups, HandStand Push Ups and 1 Legged Squats just to name a few. If there is anything in particular you are working on, or would like instruction on, today is the day.

Monday 9 Jan - 3 Rnds - 200m Farmers Carry (15/10), 50 Squat

Strength - Push Press and Front Squat

Sunday 8 Jan - Open Gym 2-4pm

Jarrod and Caroline training at CF Houston this week!!
Reminder there is a Weightlifting Comp at CFD on Australia Day - Use the Open Gym time to practice your Snatch and Clean & Jerk

Friday 6 Jan - 3 Rnds - 100m Run, 100m Lunge Walk, 30 PushUp, 20 Double Under, 10 Ring Row

Reminder - the Friday afternoon sessions are 12:30-1:30, 4-5 and 5:30-6:30

Tuesday 3 Jan - 70 Burpee, 60 SitUp, 50 KettleBell Swing (24/16), 40 PullUp, 30 GHD Back Extension, 20 Knee To Elbow, 10 HandStand PushUp

Compare to 11 Nov
Session times back to normal - with the addition of the lunch time WOD!

Monday 2 Jan - Rest Day

Tomorrow (Tuesday) CrossFit Darwin reopens for 2012 - YAY!!
There is a new timetable so check it out. We now have a lunchtime session Mon-Fri 12:30-1:30pm. 
If you have friends or family that you have convinced to give CrossFit a go the next Introduction Session is Saturday 7th Jan at 10am!