Monday 1 Jul - 'Partner WOD' - 10x 200m Sprint. 10x 10 KettleBell Swing (24/16)

Nice work Kel S and Steph W, braving the cold murky waters of Lake Alexander for a triathlon!
There is no 7pm session due to Fireworks Night (Territory Day).

Sunday 30 Jun - Open Gym 2-4pm

That's right…….Sophie is bringing Pilates back to CFD. Don't miss it, especially if you are in the majority and could do with more stretch time in your life!

Saturday 29 Jun - Partner Park WOD - 10 x Hill Sprint, 6 x Up The Hill Bear Crawl, then (rep for rep) 50 Burpees, 50 V-Sits, 50 Jumping Squats

Meet at CFD at either 8am or 3pm, warm up will be a walk/jog down the hill to The Gardens.
Lets get outside and enjoy this beautiful dry season weather! Bring a friend along if you like.

Monday 24 Jun - 3 Rnd - 5 Ring Dip, 10 Box Jump, 20 Pistol, 40 WallBall, 80 DoubleUnder

Not looking very comfortable!
Strength - Dumbbell Press

Sunday 23 Jun - Open Gym 2-4pm

Saturday 22 Jun - 'Partner WOD' - 100 PushUps, 100 MedBall Clean, Run 1.2k, 100 DeadLift (70/50), 100 KettleBell Swing (24/16), Row 2k, 100 Dumbbell Push Press (15/10)

Partners swap every 5 reps, every 200m for the run and every 250m for the row. One partner works while the other rests.
CrossFit 11 Mile are holding a free Intro Session at 10am today if you have friends keen to start CrossFitting! They are located at 2/104 McKinnon Rd Pinelands. 

Wednesday 19 Jun - 10 Min AMRAP- 10 Power Snatch (50/35), 10 PushUp

Strength - Weighted PullUps and Weighted Dips

Monday 17 Jun - 4 Rnds - 6 Burpee Box Jump, 6 Burpee PullUp

Strength - Front Squat

Sunday 16 Jun - Open Gym 2-4pm

Saturday 15 Jun - 3 Mins - WallBalls. 3 Mins - BoxJumps. 3 Mins - Row. 3 Mins - OverHead Lunge Step (20/15). 3 Mins - Burpees. 3 Mins - 10m Shuttle Runs. 3 Mins - Dumbbell Squat Clean Thruster (15/10).

2 Min Rest between each 3 Min Effort.
Scoring is based on how many reps you do over a given amount. For example for every Wall Ball over 40 reps you get a point, so 50 WallBalls in 3 mins will get a score of 10 points. 

Friday 14 Jun - 'Nicole' - 20 Min AMRAP - 400m Run, Max PullUps

Thanks a billion to ARNIES FENCING for the new PullUp Bar!
Strength - Split Jerk

Wednesday 12 Jun - 8 Min AMRAP - 4 HandStand PushUps, 8 Toes To Bar, 16 Box Jump

Strength - OverHead Squat and Snatch Balance

Monday 10 Jun - 'Partner WOD' - Run 2k then 2 Rnds - 50 SitUp, 40 KettleBell Swing (24/16), 30 WallBall, 20 Burpee, 10 BoxJump

I think Linda C summed up Devils Mile best! Great effort to all who got through this one on Saturday, epic turnout, thanks to CF11M and CF TopEnd for joining us!

8am and 3pm sessions today

Sunday 9 Jun - Open Gym 2-4pm

Linda K, Queenstown NZ
Good luck to Chico who is doing his 1st Ironman in Cairns today - 3.8k swim, 180k bike ride and 42k run!!!

Saturday 8 Jun - 'BEACH WOD' - 'Devils Mile' - 400m Lunge Walk, 30 PushUp, 400m Broad Jump, 30 Squat, 400m OverHead Carry (20/15), 30 Burpee, 400m Bear Crawl

Compare to 12 May 2012
We will meet at Casuarina Beach carpark at both 8am and 3pm.
 Drive to the end of Trower Rd, Brinken, at the roundabout take the exit that goes down the short hill, at the bottom turn left into the car park, it is the first car park, before the surf club. Then take the short walk to the beach from there.

Friday 7 Jun - 25 Min AMRAP - 12 KettleBell Swing (24/16), 12 Thruster (40/30), 12 Toes To Bar

Every Minute, on the Minute 2 Burpees!
Don't forget Saturdays WOD will be held at Casuarina Beach, not CFD.
Also, Monday is a public holiday so session times will be 8am and 3pm.

Thursday 6 Jun - 5 Rnds - 5 Strict PullUp, 10 MedBall Clean, 15 DeadLift (90/60)

CrossFit 11 Mile and CrossFit Top End will be joining us for our beach WOD on Saturday!
Tonight (Thursday) at 6pm the Melioidosis testing team will be back to take our post BS&F blood sample. 

Wednesday 5 Jun - On The Minute For 20 Mins - Odd Min - 3 Snatch. Even Min - Rest

Strength - Snatch
Both the 8am and 3pm session this Saturday will be held at Casuarina Beach. It's that time of the year again, bring on 'Devils Mile'!!
If you have no idea where Cas Beach is check this link

Monday 3 Jun - 4 Rnds - 200m Farmers Carry (16/12), 400m Run, 200m Row

CrossFit Darwin and CrossFit 11 Mile out in force at the NT City 2 Surf, good work everyone!
Strength - Turkish Get Ups and Weighted PullUps 

Sunday 2 Jun - Open Gym 2-4pm

Monica hanging out at CrossFit Vienna!