Sunday 1 Jan - Home / Park / Beach WOD

If you are not too hung over, or even if you are, here is your WOD for the day - 8 sets of Tabata (20secs of work, 10secs of rest) for the following exercises - PushUps, Squats, SitUps, Box Jumps!

Saturday 31 Dec - Rest Day

Friday 30 Dec - WOD #1 - Death by 10m Sprints. WOD #2 - PullUp Extravaganza!!

10m Sprints - Compare to 26 Jul 
PullUps - Compare to 7 Oct

Thursday 29 Dec - 7 mIn AMRAP - 7 Toes To Bar, 7 Squat Clean (70/50)

Kel S, Beach WOD, Perth.
Strength - Split Jerk
Today's sessions are 6:30am, 8am, 5pm and 6pm

Wednesday 28 Dec - Row 1k, Run 800m, 60 Push Press (40/30), 40 Weighted OverHead Lunge Steps (15/10), 20 Burpee

3 days off over Xmas and everybody is keen to WOD. Cool morning!
Session times today are 6:30am, 8am, 5pm and 6pm.

Tuesday 27 Dec - 'Partner WOD' - 20 Rnds - 10 Double Under, 10 SitUp, 10 WallBall, 10 Box Jump

 Person #1 does a complete round while person #2 rests. Then person 2 completes a round while person 1 rests. Continue until 20 rounds are completed (10 each).
Sessions tomorrow are 8am and 5pm

Monday 26 Dec - Rest Day

Another WOD to do from home - 5 Rnds - 5 Burpee, 20m Bear Crawl, 15 Squat

Sunday 25 Dec - Rest Day

Merry Xmas to all CrossFit Darwin athletes and their families

Saturday 24 Dec - Rest Day

If you are keen to do a WOD from home try this one - 10 Rnds - Run 1min, Walk 1min

Friday 23 Dec - 'Fran' - 21-15-9 Thruster (40/30), PullUp

After the 5:30pm WOD will be the CrossFit Darwin Xmas Party!!! I will cook some delicious BBQ treats on the Webber Q. BYO drinks and chair. Merry Christmas!

Thursday 22 Dec - 'Hopper Deck'

Sally, Megan, Simon and Piotr competed at the last Tri/Splash and Dash for the year. The first one for 2012 is Sat 21 Jan, 6pm, Nightcliff pool - 400m Swim, 3k Run. Register as a member via the Darwin Tri Club website and make 2012 the year of the triathlons!
A WOD card will be chosen from the Hopper Deck. If 1 person in the group does not want to do the WOD the group does 10 burpees and another card is drawn. Cards will continue to be drawn and burpees done until everyone agrees on the WOD. Each person only has 1 opportunity to turn down a WOD.
Don't forget the CF Darwin Xmas party tomorrow night (Friday), at the gym, 6:30pm. Be There!

Monday 19 Dec - 1RM Snatch, 1RM Clean & Jerk

 The sock of choice at last weekends Power Lifting Comp!!

Tuesday 13 Dec - 2 Rnds - 5 Min Row, 4 Min Squat Clean (70/50), 3 Min HandStand PushUp, 2 Min Box Jump, 1 Min KettleBell Swing (24/16)

  Score = total reps (row score is calories). 3min rest between rnds.
Awesome work to all from CFD who competed in the Power Pit Gym Power Lifting Competition on the weekend - Mark V, Kenny, Char, Kel R (2nd), Geoff, Rhys (3rd) and Kelvin (4th).

Monday 12 Dec - 7 Rnds - 7 Thruster (40/30), 7 Burpee

 Strength - Back Squat

Saturday 10 Dec - 'Eva' - 5 Rnds - Run 800m, 30 KettleBell Swing (32/24), 30 PullUp

If you are doing the Power Lifting Comp on the weekend be at Power Pit Gym, 55 Alawa St, by 11am Sunday for weigh in. If you are going to along to watch start time is 12noon.

Friday 9 Dec -7 Min AMRAP - 2 DeadLift (150/100), 2 Muscle Up

 Strength - DeadLift
Thanks to everyone who very generously donated to The Commando Welfare Trust, we raised $420.

Thursday 8 Dec - 'Wood' - 5 Rnds - 400m Run, 10 Burpee Box Jump, 10 Sumo DeadLift High Pull (40/30), 10 Thruster (40/30), Rest 1 min

Australian Army Sergeant Brett Wood, 32, of Ferntree Gully, Victoria, assigned to the 2nd Commando Regiment, based in Sydney, New South Wales, died on May 23, 2011, in Helmand province, Afghanistan, after insurgents attacked him with an improvised explosive device. He is survived by his wife Elvi, his mother Allison, and his father David. Donations can be made in his name to the Commando Welfare Trust
This WOD will be done at the majority of Australian CF boxes today. It is being run as a fundraiser so if you would like to donate please hand over some cash to me before the WOD and I will forward all funds raised to the Commando Welfare Trust. Donation is not compulsory but appreciated.

Sunday 4 Dec - Open Gym 2-4pm

Next weekend, Sunday 11 Dec, Power Pit Gym, in Alawa, are holding a Power Lifting Competition - DeadLift, Back Squat and Bench Press (3 attempts at each for a 1RM). It is free and aimed at first time competitors. There is a flyer on the noticeboard at CFD with more info. Let me know if you are keen to have a go. Open Gym would be a good time to work out your start weight for each lift!