Thursday 22 Dec - 'Hopper Deck'

Sally, Megan, Simon and Piotr competed at the last Tri/Splash and Dash for the year. The first one for 2012 is Sat 21 Jan, 6pm, Nightcliff pool - 400m Swim, 3k Run. Register as a member via the Darwin Tri Club website and make 2012 the year of the triathlons!
A WOD card will be chosen from the Hopper Deck. If 1 person in the group does not want to do the WOD the group does 10 burpees and another card is drawn. Cards will continue to be drawn and burpees done until everyone agrees on the WOD. Each person only has 1 opportunity to turn down a WOD.
Don't forget the CF Darwin Xmas party tomorrow night (Friday), at the gym, 6:30pm. Be There!

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