Saturday 11 July - ‘Devils Mile’ - 400m Lunge Walk, 30 PushUp, 400m Broad Jump, 30 Squat, 400m Plate OverHead Carry (20/15), 30 Burpee, 400m Bear Crawl

Both 8:30am and 4pm will be held at Casuarina Beach.
Put Dripstone Park into google maps. It is the carpark before De La Plage and the Surf Club. 
This is a great WOD, don’t miss it. Bring a friend, partner or dog!

Wednesday 8 Jul - 7 Min AMRAP - 1 Burpee, 3 Toes To Bar

Strength - Front Squat

Sunday 5 Jul - Open Gym 2-4pm

Head to Mindil Beach Markets anytime between 4pm-8pm tonight (Sunday) and CFD will shout every member an ice cream or sorbet.
The catch is you have to get your photo taken with your ice cream so we can make a collage of CFD members supporting Claudia’s new business.