Thursday 30 Jun - 5 Rnd - 10 HandStand PushUp, 15 Front Squat (60/40)

                                               Skills WOD - Frog Stand, MuscleUp, Pistol

Tuesday 28 Jun - 3RM DeadLift. 2 RM Power Snatch. 1 RM Clean

We are really going to miss this guy! Thanks for spending time with us Lane, it's been sensational having you hang out with us the past 5 months. Hopefully you shall return one day soon. 

Monday 27 Jun - 7 Min AMRAP - Burpee

Strength - Back Squat, Front Squat

Sunday 26 Jun - Open Gym 2-4pm

June On Ramp, welcome to CFD! 

Saturday 25 Jun - 60 Min AMRAP - 17 Power Clean (60/40), 75 Squat

On completion of a round - Unload the barbell and carry it 200 meters away. Return to the plates, carry one forward to the barbell. Retrieve the second plate, carry it forward. Reload the bar for the next round.
Credit to CFHQ for this WOD, celebrating the founding of the United States Army