Wednesday 1 Apr - Back Squat 5-5-5-5-5. Press 3-3-3

The most exciting 7mins and 17 secs went down on Sunday in Melbourne when Sam took out the Blue Dinosaur Throwdown. 
We are all extremely proud of you Sammy and we can't wait to see you compete at the Regionals in May!!

Tuesday 31 Mar - 50 WallBall, 10x10m Sprint, 30 WallBall, 10x10m Sprint, 10 WallBall, 10x10m Sprint. Rest 5 Min. 50 Burpee, 10x10m Sprint, 30 Burpee, 10x10m Sprint, 20 Burpee, 10x10m Sprint

The determination and effort that Helen and Maria put into each open WOD this year was a standout highlight of the 5 week season. Well done ladies!

Saturday 28 Mar - Open WOD 15.5 - 27 Cal Row, 27 Thruster (42/29), 21 Cal Row, 21 Thruster, 15 Cal Row, 15 Thruster, 9 Cal Row, 9 Thruster

Scaled weight is 29/20
Open WOD timings - Friday 6:30pm, Saturday 8am and 3pm, Sunday 2-4pm or Monday night 7pm. The last WOD of the Open, time to give your absolute best!

Friday 27 Mar - 2 Rnd - 10m HandStand Walk, 10 GHD SitUp. 2 Rnds - 10m Bear Crawl, 10 GHD Back Ext. 2 Rnd - 10m Burpee Broad Jump, 10 Pistol Squat. 2 Rnd - 10m Lunge Step, 10 Ring Row

Sam is in Melbourne this weekend to hit Open WOD 15.5 as part of the Blue Dinosaur Throwdown. 
Luckily for us there is a live feed of the event here so we can cheer wildly from home!
This event happens Sunday morning 10am. Good luck Sammy!!!

Thursday 26 Mar - 20 Min AMRAP - 400m Run, 10 Squat, 10 SitUp, 10 PushUp

Sonia is running Yin Yoga again for us tonight (Thursday) at 7pm. Cost is $10. Last week was a great turnout with a lot of laughs and much stretching. Feel free to bring a friend!