Thursday 23 Oct - 5K Run

Strength - DeadLift
The 5K Run will be 5 laps of our 1K track. It can be scaled to a shorter distance. This can also be done as a 5k Row instead, or a run/row combo, if a 5K run in the build up does not appeal! Or, just come in for the DeadLifts then roll out and stretch for 30mins.

Tuesday 21 Oct - 6 Rnds - 30 Sec 10m Sprint, 30 Sec Rest, 30 Sec KettleBell Snatch (24/16), 30 Sec Rest, 30 Sec WallBall, 30 Sec Rest

 Sammy has done us proud again this weekend with an 11th place at The Schwartz's Challenge in Melbourne. She worked hard all weekend through 9 grueling WOD's, making light work of the heavy weights. Once again establishing herself as one of the dominating forces in the Australian CrossFit competition scene. Maybe a couple of rest days now Sam? Probably not....!