Thursday 28 Jan - In 25 Mins - 400m Run, 30/20 Strict PullUp, 400m Run, 30 Strict Toes To Bar, 200m Run, 15 PullUp, 200m Run, 15 Toes Thru Rings. In any time remaining - AMRAP - 5 Ring Row, 10 SitUp

CFDers competing all over the place this week! 
Here’s Daf at last weekends Darwin Triathlon Club’s Aquathon. 

Wednesday 27 Jan - 12 Min AMRAP - 5 PushUp, 10 Jumping Squat, 20 Double Under

More exciting sporting news with Claudia being named on the AFLNT Representative side. How good!
Skills WOD - 10 Min Up Ladder - Ring Dip, HandStand Walking (m), Pistol Squat

Tuesday 26 Jan - Team of 3 WOD - 9 Min AMRAP - Bike Erg, Box Step Up (22.5/15). 9 Min AMRAP - Ski Erg, Farmers Carry (32/24). 9 Min AMRAP - Row, Sledge Hits. 9 Min AMRAP - Air Bike, GHD Back Extension. 9 Min AMRAP - Burpees, Dumbbell OverHead Lunge (22.5/15)

CFD representing well at the first NTWA comp for the year. Great work on the platform by Helen, Kwow, Maria, Nat, Robyn and Stacey
Session times today 8:30am and 4pm

Monday 25 Jan - 15 Rounds - 1 Power Snatch, 2 Snatch, 3 OverHead Squat

Sammy at The Notorious Classic in Hobart on the weekend. 
She finished 2nd after 10 WOD’s! Great work Sammy. 
Special thanks to Amy and Alex for the live feeds and footage from the event. 
It was much appreciated by us all watching from home.
Strength - Snatch Complex