Friday 24 Feb - 20 Min AMRAP - 6 Turkish GetUp, 10m HandStand Walk, 20sec L-Sit Hold, 200m Walk

This WOD is designed as active recovery as most of us will be giving Open WOD 17.1 a go on Saturday.
If you would rather get the open WOD done today heats will kick off at 5:30pm. The recovery WOD will also be running at 5:30pm.

Thursday 23 Feb - 5 Rnds - 2 Rope Climb, 4 Cluster (60/40). 5 Rnds - 2 Wall Climb, 4 Clean & Jerk (60/40). 5 Rnd - 2 MuscleUp, 4 Box Jump Over

Skill - HandStand Walking
Last day to register for the CF Games.
The first workout is released tomorrow (Friday).
We will be running heats from 5:30pm Friday, all sessions Saturday and Open Gym Sunday.
Don't miss out and be burdened with the regret for a whole year!
PLEASE register here

Wednesday 22 Feb - 10-1 - Front Squat (60/40), 20-2 - Box Jump

Front Squats drop 1 rep each round, Box Jumps drop 2 reps each round.
Strength - Front Squat
2 days left to register for the best 5 weeks of your CrossFitting year Register here

Tuesday 21 Feb - 'JT' - 21-15-9 - HandStand PushUp, Ring Dip, PushUp

Strength - Snatch Complex
3 days left to register for the Open

Monday 20 Feb - 2 Rnd - 20sec Work/10sec Rest - 100 Double Under, 75 SitUp, 50 WallBall, 25m KettleBell OverHead Lunge Step (16/12)

The 2017 CrossFit Games Season begins this week with The CrossFit Open. 
Each week for 5 weeks CFHQ will release a WOD for us all.
We do the WOD, enter our score online and see how we stack up against CrossFitters worldwide. 
If it's a tough WOD there will be a scaled version. Every single person at CFD is strongly encouraged to register and enjoy the next 5 weeks of games action!
For more info check the whiteboard at CFD
Register here