Sunday 27 Apr - Open Gym 2-4pm

Come in to Open Gym to get stronger, work on a skill or catch up on a WOD!

Saturday 26 Apr - 5k Run. Lake Alexander. 8am and 3pm

We will meet in the car park at park at Lake Alexander at both 8am and 3pm. Bring a water bottle. CrossFit 11 Mile will be there too. CFD will not be open today but keep an eye on our Facebook page for open gym timings through the day.

Friday 25 Apr - Rest Day

Thursday 24 Apr - 'Wood' - 5 Rnds - Run 400m, 10 Burpee Box Jump, 10 Sumo DeadLift HighPull (40/30), 10 Thruster (40/30), Rest 1 Min

This WOD is dedicated to SGT Brett Wood who was killed in Afghanistan on 23rd May 2011

Wednesday 23 Apr - 3 Mins Wall Balls, 3 Min Pistol Squat, 3 Min PullUps, 3 Mins Rowing

Registration for Blood Sweat and Fears close this Friday. Go to their website and register under the CrossFit Darwin Team. Don't miss out, it will be your best day out all year!
1 Min Rest Between Stations
Strength - Sled Push

Sunday 20 Apr - Open Gym 2-4pm

Easter Monday timings are 8am and 3pm

Saturday 19 Apr - 'Tabata to 100' - Burpee, Power Clean (50/35), Squat, SitUp

20 secs of work followed by 10 secs of rest until 100 reps of each exercise are completed.

Wednesday 16 Apr - On The Minute for 8 Mins - Odd - 5 Power Snatch, Even - 20 Double Unders. On The Minute For 8 Mins - Odd - 5 OverHead Squat, Even - 20 Double Unders

Strength - Snatch Balance and Power Snatch
Great work to all those who competed in the NTWA Weightlifting comp on the weekend. CFD and 11 Mile were well represented and everyone did very well. 

Tuesday 15 Apr - 5 Rnd - 5 Box Jump Over, 10 Lunge Step, 15 WallBall, then 400m Farmers Carry (24/16)

CFD ladies with their adorable babies.
Best wishes to Amy who is due in less than 2 weeks!!

Sunday 13 Apr - Open Gym 2-4pm

11am  - Weightlifting Comp at CF11Mile, come check it out!

Wednesday 9 Apr - 15-12-9 - Front Squat (40/30), RIng PushUp. 15-12-9 - Power Clean (60/40), Over The Bar Burpee. 15-12-9 - Deadlift (75/50), HandStand PushUp

Strength - Clean Complex
Blood Sweat and Fears is on Saturday 3rd May. Course options are 5k, 10k, 15k and 21k. A CrossFit Darwin team has been registered for the 21k. When you register as an individual select CF Darwin as your team. Last year was the greatest day on the NT events calendar, don't miss this one!
Our team will have fun, stick together and help each other get to the finish line. We won't be taking the 'race' side of it too seriously! If you do want to hit it hard though still join the team, that way we all start at the same time but if people are keen they can break free from the rest of us!
If you don't think you are up for 21k there is a board up at CFD for creating teams in the other divisions.

Tuesday 8 Apr - Partner WOD - 1x 800m Run, 3x 400m Run, 5x 200m Run

Don't skip Running WOD day, we all know how good it feels once it's done!

Monday 7 Apr - 10-1 - OverHead Squat (50/35), Burpee

Strength - Press and Push Press

Sunday 6 Apr - Open Gym 2-4pm

The next NTWA Weightlifting comp is next Sunday at CrossFit 11 Mile. If you plan on lifting that day come in to Open Gym today and work out your start weights. 
Over the Easter long weekend CFD will remain open, the public holidays will be 8am and 3pm sessions only. We close ANZAC Day.

Saturday 5 Apr - 'Murph' - 1.6k Run, 100 PullUps, 200 PushUps, 300 Squats, 1.6k Run

Free Intro Session at 10am today
'Murph' can be done wearing a 10kg weighted vest so if you have a vest, bring it, there are also a few at CFD. The reps can be partitioned as required. Also, as with any WOD, it can be scaled if required! 

Friday 4 Apr - 21-15-9 - Box Jump (70/60), Dumbbell Snatch (25/20)

Strength - OverHead Lunge Walking

Thursday 3 Apr - 'Grace' - 30 Clean & Jerk (60/40)

Compare to 27 Dec 
Strength - Back Squat
The CF Opens are over for another year. You all should be very happy with your efforts. For those who have entered in previous years I have no doubt your improvements were vast. For those competing for the first time you now know what you have to look forward to each year in this sport - the chance to put your year of training to the test, against every other CrossFitter in the world! 
MASSIVE CONGRATS to Sammy for qualifying for the regionals again. The top 48 male and female  open competitors from Australia and New Zealand will compete in May for a spot in the world games later in the year. Sammy finished 34th!!! Also great work by Chris Medcraft from CrossFit Top End, Sammy's training partner, for also qualifying. 

Wednesday 2 Apr - 3 Rnd - 50 Double Under, 1 Rope Climb, 200m Run, 2 Wall Climb

A reminder that the afternoon sessions today will be 4pm, 5:30pm and 7pm (no 5pm or 6pm).