Wednesday 28 Feb - ‘Grace’ - 30 Clean & Jerk (60/40)

Strength - Snatch Complex and Clean & Jerk Complex

Sunday 25 Feb - Open Gym

If you still need to get Open WOD 18.1 done Open Gym is your last chance

Saturday 24 Feb - Open WOD 18.1

What a great WOD to kick off the 2018 CrossFit Open!
If you don’t have Toes To Bar yet then Knee Raises are the scaled option. The scaled Dumbbell weight is 15/10
CFD will open at 8am. First brief will be at 8:30am. Heats of 9 will run on a first in first served basis.  2nd brief will be at 10am. 
In the afternoon CFD will open at 3:30pm, brief will be at 4pm.
If you haven’t registered yet go to

Friday 23 Feb - 3 Rnds - 10 Pistol Squat, 10 V-Sit, 10m Lunge Step

Power - 1RM Box Jump
The 5:30pm session will be 18.1
If you want to get the Open WOD done before the weekend don’t be late or you will miss the brief.
 If you would like to watch the first few heats go through BYO chair and beer and come in and check out the famous Friday Night Open Action!

Saturday 17 Feb - 3 Rnd - 1K Run, 10 Snatch (35/25), 20 OverHead Squat (35/25), 30 Front Squat (35/25)

The CrossFit Open begins at CFD next Saturday. 
It is time to register and get excited for the next 5 weeks!
Sign up here

Monday 12 Feb - Open WOD 11.3 - 5 Min AMRAP - Squat Clean (75/50), Jerk (75/50)

Strength - Push Jerk and Split Jerk

Friday 9 Feb - 'Randy' - 75 Power Snatch (35/25)

Strength - Snatch Grip DeadLift