Friday 31 Oct - 8 Min AMRAP - 12x 8m Sprint, 6 Ring Dip

Strength - Back Squat

Thursday 30 Oct - 10-8-6-4-2- DeadLift (50/35), Power Snatch, OverHead Squat

Strength - Snatch and OverHead Squat

Monday 27 Oct - 5 Rnds - 7 Ring PushUp, 14 Box Jump

Strength - Bench Press and Weighted PullUp

Thursday 23 Oct - 5K Run

Strength - DeadLift
The 5K Run will be 5 laps of our 1K track. It can be scaled to a shorter distance. This can also be done as a 5k Row instead, or a run/row combo, if a 5K run in the build up does not appeal! Or, just come in for the DeadLifts then roll out and stretch for 30mins.

Tuesday 21 Oct - 6 Rnds - 30 Sec 10m Sprint, 30 Sec Rest, 30 Sec KettleBell Snatch (24/16), 30 Sec Rest, 30 Sec WallBall, 30 Sec Rest

 Sammy has done us proud again this weekend with an 11th place at The Schwartz's Challenge in Melbourne. She worked hard all weekend through 9 grueling WOD's, making light work of the heavy weights. Once again establishing herself as one of the dominating forces in the Australian CrossFit competition scene. Maybe a couple of rest days now Sam? Probably not....!

Saturday 18 Oct - 10 Rnds - 200m Row, 5 DeadLift (75/50), 4 PullUp, 3 Toes to Bar, 2 Knees To Elbows, 1 Rope Climb

 Don't forget shin protection for the Rope Climb
Good luck to Sammy at The Schwartz's Challenge in Melbourne this weekend. This will be Sam's 3rd comp in 4 weeks!
Here is the link to the live feed GO SAM

Wednesday 15 Oct - 5 Rnds - 1 Forward Roll, 20 sec L-Sit Hold, 10m HandStand Walk, 20 GHD Back Extension

Well done Sammy for your 3rd place finish in Demark 3 a couple of weeks ago. Tough weekend, high level competitors, excellent result!
 This WOD is for quality, not for time
Strength - Dips, PullUps, HandStand PushUps

Tuesday 14 Oct - 12 Min AMRAP - 20 WallBall, 10 Pistol Squat, 5 V Sit

Last weekends weightlifting comp, great lifting guys, nice work!
Strength - Press and Push Jerk

Monday 13 Oct - Row 2k, 2 Min Rest, Run 1k, 2 Min Rest, Row 1k, 2 Min Rest, Run 600m, 2 Min Rest, Row 500m, 2 Min Rest, Run 400m

The legends of CFD and CF11M at the Allstars comp this weekend. Thanks so much to CF Top End for hosting such a high quality weekend. Well done to all involved, competitors, judges and support crew.
For those of you that don't like running WOD's, you know you need to do this!

Sunday 12 Oct - Open Gym 2-4pm

Nothing on today? Come down to CrossFit TopEnd and watch your fellow CFDers battle it out with the rest of NT's CrossFit community in the Again Faster All Stars Team Comp. Top 3 teams at the end of today have got themselves a place in the final held on The Sunshine Coast in December.

Saturday 11 Oct - 'Tabata' - PushUp, Thruster (20/15), Row (cal), Toes thru Rings, Burpee


The October On Ramp group. Well done this week guys, you all did very well!
8 Rnds of each exercise - 20sec of work followed by 10sec of rest.

Friday 10 Oct - 10-1 - SitUp, MedBall Clean

Strength - Front Squat
For those not competing this weekend your job is spectating! Comp is being held at CrossFit Top End, 4/5 Witte St, Winnellie. All day Saturday and Sunday. If you would like to help out with some judging that would also be much appreciated.

Thursday 9 Oct - 25 Strict PullUp, 50 OverHead Lunge Step (20/15), 25 Plate Ground To OverHead. Every 2 Mins Run 100m

Isaac and Dominc showing Daly and Jacinta how to do wall climbs at home, good work guys!
Strength - Bench Press

Monday 6 Oct - 3RM Back Squat. 3RM PushPress. 3RM Weighted PullUp

Huge thank you to the awesome CFD coaches that have been taking extra sessions this week while I have been sick, legends!

Sunday 5 Oct - Open Gym 2-4pm

Weightlifting Comp today at The NT Institute of Sport, Marrara. Starts at 11am. Come down and cheer them on!
Sarah, Andrew and Raymond McGinnes have skipped town and are off on another life adventure. It has been so good having Sarah and Andrew at CFD the last couple of years and more recently the delightful Raymond. Best wishes guys, you will definitely be missed here and we look forward to seeing you again.

Friday 3 Oct - 5 Rnds - Min 1 - 1 Rope Climb, Min 2 - 10m HandStand Walk, Min 3 - 200m Run.

2 Min Rest after each round
Strength - Snatch and OverHead Squat