Saturday 1 Jul - 'Partner WOD' - 12Min AMRAP - DeadBall Over Shoulder. 12 Min AMRAP - Dumbbell Hang Clean & Jerk (15/10). 12 Min AMRAP - 200m Run

One Partner Works, One Rests, Swap Every Minute.
Weightlifting Comp at CFD this Sunday, starting at 11am.
 There will be no Open Gym tomorrow.

Friday 30 Jun - 30 Burpee PullUp, 30 Thruster (40/30), 30cal Row

Finisher - 1K Farmers Carry (24/16)

Sunday 25 Jun - Open Gym 2-4pm

If anybody would like to register for the next Olympic weightlifting comp, to be held at CFD next Sunday, please let me know by email today, as registrations close Sunday night. 

Thursday 22 Jun - 15-12-9 - Bar MuscleUp, Dumbbell OverHead Squat (20/15), HandStand Walk (m)

Gymnastics Strength WOD - 2 Mins - Strict Dips, 1 Min Rest, 2 Mins Kipping Dips, 1 Min Rest, 2 Min Strict HandStand PushUp, 1 Min Rest, 2 Min Kipping HandStand PushUp, 1 Min Rest, 2 Min Strict PullUps, 1 Min Rest, 2 Mins Kipping PullUps

Wednesday 21 Jun - 3 Rnd - 8 Over The Bar Burpee, 6 Hang Power Clean (60/40), 4 Power Clean, 2 Clean

Skills WOD - 20 Min AMRAP - 15m Broad Jump (in as few jumps as possible), 3 PullUps (as slow as possible), Max set of Free Handstanding PushUps. Thanks to CF mainsite for the skills WOD.

Tuesday 20 Jun - 2 Rnds - In 4 Mins - Run 400m, Max SitUps. 2 Rnds - In 4 Mins - Run 400m, Max Box StepUp. 2 Rnds - In 4 Mins - Run 400m, Max Squats

Strength - Snatch
A big day of CrossFit at CF TopEnd on the weekend with the community coming together for another NorFit. Outstanding effort from the CFDers, Kerry, Bec P, Nyree, Adam R, Mhairi, Sam P and Gwyneth who all did our gym very proud! Thanks CFTE for an excellent day.

Saturday 17 Jul - 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 - Row (Cal), KettleBell DeadLift (32/24), Toes Thru Rings, Plate Ground To Overead (20/15). 200m Run after each set

Today CrossFit TopEnd are hosting the Territory's Annual Individual CrossFit Competition, NorFit. If you are competing, go hard and have fun. If you are not competing you can spectate from 8am
All our regular session times are still on.

Thursday 15 Jul - 4 Rnds - 7 Dumbbell Hang Squat Clean & Jerk (20/15), 14 Burpee

Another great achievement from the long weekend was all the CFDers who participated in the National Masters Athletics Championships - Larissa, Nyree, Mick M, Kwow, Helen, Maria A, Nic and Jeff. Check out the medal haul from Nic!
Strength - Snatch Complex

Wednesday 14 Jul - 20sec Work/10sec Rest - 10 Rnds - Double Under. 10 Rnds - Jumping Squat. 10 Rnds - KettleBell Snatch (24/16)

A superb effort from Rob on the weekend completing the 54k Litchfield Ultra Marathon in under 9hrs. Well done, we were all back here complaining about 5k!

Monday 12 Jun - 'Severin' - 50 Strict PullUp, 100 PushUp, 5k Run

Today is a public holiday, session times are 8:30am and 4pm
The 5k Run can be done as 5x the 1k track or a run along The Esplanade
The run distance can also be scaled back if 5k seems a little daunting

Sunday 11 Jun - Open Gym 2-4pm

Well done June On Ramp group, welcome to CFD.

Saturday 10 Jun - 'Partner WOD' - 5 Min DeadBall Hold (60/40), 90sec Rest, 5 Min Row, 90sec Rest, 5 Min MedBall Clean, 90sec Rest, 5 Min Dumbbell PushPress (15/10), 90sec Rest, 5 Min L-Sit Hold

Well done to everyone who ran the City To Surf last weekend. Special mention to Mitch L, Big Tom and Liam for placing in the top 100.
This WOD can be done with a partner, alternating every 30sec or as a solo effort.

Tuesday 6 Jun - 'Partner WOD' - 4 Rnds - 11 PullUp, 22 WallBall

Round for Round. One Works, One Rests. 2 Rnds Each.
Strength - Clean & Jerk Complex

Monday 5 Jun - In 5 Mins - 5 Rope Climb, 5 Wall Climb, Max Cal (Row or Bike). 3 Min Rest. In 5 Mins - 10 Strict PullUp, 10m HandStand Walk, Max DoubleUnder. 3 Min Rest. In 5 Min - 15 Box Jump, 15 Pistol Squat, Max Burpee.

Gymnastics Strength - 6 Min AMRAP - 5 GHD SitUp, 10sec Ring Support Hold, 20sec L-Sit Hold. 
6 Min AMRAP - 5 False Grip Ring Row, 10 Kipping Swing, 20sec SuperMan Hold

Sunday 4 Jun - Open Gym 2-4pm

Goodluck to everybody running in either the 4k or the 12.7k City To Surf. If you are thinking you have missed registrations I have some great news!  You can register up to 30mins prior to the race, at the start line. For more info check the event website.

Saturday 3 Jun - 'Lumberjack 20' - 20 DeadLift (120/80), Run 400m, 20 KettleBell Swing (32/24), Run 400m, 20 OverHead Squat (50/35), Run 400m, 20 Burpee, Run 400m, 20 Chest To Bar PullUp, Run 400m, 20 Box Jump, Run 400m, 20 Dumbbell Squat Clean (20/15), Run 400m

Sam has once again proven herself on the regionals floor with a 20th place in The Pacific Region last weekend. The icing on the cake for what has been a year of hard work and dedication. Well done Sammy, enjoy your rest week!

Friday 2 Jun - 12 Min AMRAP - 15 Hang Power Snatch (40/30), 15 Toes To Bar

Skills Wod - 12 Min AMRAP - 10m HandStand Walk, 5 Strict HandStand PushUp, 1 Strict MuscleUp