Tuesday 30 Jul - 100 Double Under, 20 Pistol Squat, 100 Double Under, 20 Dumbbell Snatch (20/15), 100 Double Under, 20 HandStand PushUp

Dani J and her friend Donna after the 21k Half Marathon last weekend. Well done to all from CFD who competed as an individual or team in this race

Monday 29 Jul - 21-15-9-15-21 - Power Clean (50/35) Toes To Bar

21k later we can all still walk!
Strength - Hang Power Clean and Power Clean

Sunday 28 Jul - Open Gym 2-4pm

Great article in Saturdays NT News with our resident Chuck Norris! 'As much as a place to hang out as to work out'! Love it.
Pilates is on at 11am

Saturday 27 Jul - 5K Beach Run

Thanks to those from 11 Mile who ventured in to WOD with us at 8am on Show Day!
This doesn't have to be a 5K run, you can run less than 5K, or more if you like. You can also scale to a walk/jog. Bring a friend, kids, or the dog!
We will meet at Casuarina beach, where we always meet. If you don't know where that is check an old post here
Both 8am and 3pm Sessions will be at Cas Beach

Thursday 25 Jul - 'Amanda' - 9-7-5 - MuscleUp, Snatch (60/40)

Strength - Snatch
Friday session times are 8am and 3pm, as it's a public holiday!

Wednesday 24 Jul - 3K Row

Strength - Front Squat

Tuesday 23 Jul - 3 Rnds - 3 Wall Climb, 200m Run

Strength - Press and Push Press
Best NTWA comp to date! Sammy bought the house down with a 93kg Clean & Jerk!
Great lifting from all who participated, thanks for all the crowd support, you guys make it the best day.

Sunday 21 Jul - Open Gym 2-4pm

Weightlifting comp, 11am @ CF 11 Mile 
Here's an idea….. after the comp, if you are feeling inspired, go to Open Gym and test out your 1RM Snatch and Clean & Jerk. We can then work out your Sinclair score, so you can compare your lifts to those who competed. It might just motivate you to leave the safety of the crowd and participate in the next one in September! 

Saturday 20 Jul - 'The Seven' - 7 Rnds - 7 HandStand PushUp, 7 Thruster (60/40), 7 Knee To Elbow, 7 DeadLift (110/75), 7 Burpee, 7 KettleBell Swing (32/24), 7 PullUp

Compare to 28 Aug
Weightlifting comp tomorrow (Sunday) at CF 11 Mile, 2/104 McKinnons Rd, Pinelands.
Starts at 11am, BBQ to follow at around 1pm. Come on out, check out Aaron and Amy's new gym, cheer the lifters on and have a beer!

Friday 19 Jul - 12 Min AMRAP - 10 Burpee, 25 Double Under

Thanks to CrossFit main site for this WOD!

Wednesday 17 Jul - 'Tabata Sets' - Row, Pistol Squat, Power Snatch (40/30), Ring PushUp

Strength - Power Snatch and OverHead Squat

Tuesday 16 Jul - 5 Rnd - 5 HandStand PushUp, 5 Front Squat (60/40)

Strength - Hang Squat Clean and Squat Clean

Monday 15 Jul - 'Open Test' - 20 Min AMRAP - 50 WallBall, 50 DoubleUnder, 40 Box Jump, 40 Toes To Bar, 30 Burpee, 30 Chest To Bar PullUp, 20 Power Clean (65/45), 20 Push Jerk (65/45), 10 Snatch (65/45), 10 MuscleUp

This WOD is taken from 'Competitors WOD'. It is a great gauge of where you are at in terms of conditioning for the CrossFit Games Open Season. We will re-test regularly between now and then to make sure we are on track!

Sunday 14 Jul - Open Gym 2-4pm

Pilates with Sophie is on at 11am today (Sunday). Come in and give it a go, cost is $10.

Saturday 13 Jul - 'Death by Saturday' - Thrusters (40/30). Burpees. Box Jumps

Death by  = 1 rep in the first minute, 2 reps in the second minute and so on until you can no longer reach the number of reps required for that minute. 

Friday 12 Jul - 'Barbara' - 5 Rnds - 20 PullUps, 30 PushUps, 40 SitUps, 50 Squats

Rest 3 Mins after each round.
There will be scaled options on the board for this WOD, especially for all those who finished On Ramp last night (pic)! 

Thursday 11 Jul - 5RM Press, 3RM Push Jerk, 1RM Split Jerk

Compare to 1 Mar
Again Faster (equipment provider) run an Affiliate Competition in various cities around Australia. Teams of 6 compete against each other in an attempt to determine the fittest gym! Lisa, from CF Top End, is working hard to get this organisation to run a comp in Darwin. Go to their FB page here and 'like'. If they get enough CrossFitters from the NT, to like their page, they will consider coming up here to run a comp! 

Tuesday 9 Jul - 7 Min AMRAP - Ring Dip, DeadLift (100/70)

Strength - Sumo DeadLift
The AMRAP is an ascending ladder, 3 reps of each, 6 reps of each, 9 reps of each and so on until 7 Mins is up.

Sunday 7 July - Open Gym 2-4pm

The next NTWA comp is 2 weeks away, come to Open Gym and lift!
Pilates is on at 11am today. There were good numbers last week but there is still plenty of floor space available, bring a yoga mat, if you have one and $10 for the session. 

Friday 5 Jul - Run 800m then 3 Rnd - 1 Rope Climb, 10 Hang Clean (50/35), 10 Knees to Elbows then Run 400m

Strength - Hang Clean and OverHead Squat
Bring long socks for the Rope Climbs!

Thursday 4 Jul - 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 Row (for calories), Dumbbell Snatch (20/15)

Val and Jane competing in the 2.1k Fannie Bay swim last weekend, that's 1 hour of ocean swimming, great job guys! 
Strength - PushPress