Monday 1 Aug - 60m OverHead Weighted Lunge Walk (15/10), 60m Bear Crawl, 60 KB Swing (24/16), 600m Run, 40m OverHead Weighted Lunge Walk, 40m Bear Crawl, 40 KB Swing, 400m Run, 20m OverHead Weighted Lunge Walk, 20m Bear Crawl, 20 KB Swing, 200m Run, 100 SitUps

Matt and Renee - 1st male and 1st female across the 21k line from CF Darwin.
Matt crushed it in a time of around 1hr 33mins and Renee was just over 2hrs!
I didn't get any group photos at the end - I was too busy trying to regain the use of my legs...
There is no 5:45am or 6:30am session in the morning, all other sessions are still on.

Sunday 31 Jul - Open Gym 2-4pm

 Sunday is the Darwin Half Marathon. If you running in it go hard! If not be at the finish line to cheer all the CrossFit Darwin runners across the finish line. Start time is 7am so we should be finishing anywhere between 8:30 and 9:30
Open Gym is still on from 2-4pm

Saturday 30 Jul - Partner WOD - 40Min AMRAP - 10 Burpee, 10 Sit Up, 10 Squat Clean Thruster, 10 Box Jump

Katrina G gets her Double Unders after 10 months of trying - you're the best Kat!!!
Partner 1 completes 10 Burpees then rests while partner 2 completes 10 Burpees and so on for all exercises

Tuesday 26 Jul - Death by 10m Sprints

  Compare to 23 May and 8 Feb
Strength - Weighted Push Ups

Sunday 24 Jul - Open Gym 2-4pm

Cool CrossFit Chicks!!

Friday 22 Jul - 21-15-9 DeadLift (40/30), Squat Clean (40/30), Jerk (40/30), 200m Run with MedBall

Reminder there is no 5:45am or 6am, just 8am, 4pm and 5:30pm today

Thursday 21 Jul - 15 Min AMRAP - 30 SitUp, 20 KettleBell Swing (24/16), 10 Knees To Elbows, 200m Run

I am submitting the Half Marathon forms tomorrow so have your form and cash into CFD in the morning

Wednesday 20 Jul - Press 1-1-1-1-1, Push Press 3-3-3-3-3, Push Jerk 5-5-5-5-5

This Friday is a Public Holiday. CF Darwin session times will be 8am, 4pm and 5:30pm only. No 5:45am or 6:30am sessions - who gets up that early on a public holiday anyway!!

Saturday 16 Jul - 'Murph' - 1600m Run, 100 PullUps, 200 Push Ups, 300 Squats, 1600m Run

 Go Renee!!!
Compare to 18 Dec
 'Murph', as prescribed, is done wearing a 10kg weighted vest. 
The reps can be partitioned as required. 
The scaled option will be a 'Half Murph'.

Friday 15 Jul - 'OPT Flight Simulator' - Double Unders - 5-10-15-20-25-30-35-40-45-50-45-40-35-30-25-20-15-10-5

 All sets of Double Unders must be Unbroken before you can move onto the next set. The rope must stop between sets. There is a 20min time cap so if your double unders are not so amazing consider this a 20min Double Under practice session!
Compare to 14 Jan

Monday 11 Jul - Run 800m, 100 Push Press (30/20), Run 800m

 You rock Paula!
Strength - Front Squat

Sunday 10 Jul - Open Gym 2-4pm

Bye Amy C, thanks for being an amazing person and awesome crossfitter! Let us know when you get 200 Double Unders in 2mins!

Saturday 9 Jul - BEACH WOD - 200m Run, 50 Squat, 40 KB Swing (16/12), 30 PushUp, 20 Double Under, 10 SitUp, 400m Run, 50 SitUp, 40 Double Under, 30 PushUp, 20 KB Swing, 10 Squat, 200m Run

 Saturday Beach WOD - back due to popular demand!! Same times - 8am and 3pm. Same place - Casuarina Beach (refer to google map from last Saturdays post if you are unsure of location).

Friday 8 Jul - 7 min AMRAP - 3 Thruster (45/30), 3 Chest to Bar PullUp, 6 Thruster, 6 Chest to Bar PullUp, 9 Thruster, 9 Chest to Bar PullUp (keep adding 3 reps until 7mins is up)

Compare to 28 Apr
Read Sage Burgener's latest blog post here - it's great! Sage is a CrossFit Trainer and Olympic Weightlifter, her posts are funny and insightful.

Wednesday 6 Jul - 3 Rnds - 15 Burpee, 400m Run, 1 Rope Ascent

 Compare to 2 May
This Saturday (8am and 3pm) the WOD will be at Casuarina Beach again - because it was SO much fun last weekend!

Monday 4 Jul - 'Karen' - 150 Wall Ball (10ft/8ft)

 Read what Lisbeth has to say about 'Karen' here
Compare to 14 Dec

Saturday 2 Jul - BEACH WOD!! 'The Devils Mile' - 400m Lunge Walk, 30 PushUp, 400m Broad Jump, 30 Squat, 400m OverHead Carry (20/15), 30 Burpee, 400m Bear Crawl

View Casuarina Beach in a larger map
Both sessions today - 8am and 3pm will be at Casuarina Beach - We will meet on the beach in front of the carpark.
This WOD is Epic! There will be options to scale the distance!
The map above is directions from Casuarina Shopping Centre to the beach carpark