Monday 31 Jan - 31 Min AMRAP - 20 Single Arm Dumbbell Thruster (22.5/15), 18 Cal (any machine), 20 KettleBell Swing (24/16), 19 PushUp. EMOM - 1 Burpee

8:30am only
Drinks (BYO) and Pizza from 7pm - Midnight. There will also be a duke box and karaoke so warm up those singing voices!

Friday 28 Dec - ‘Annie’ - 50-40-30-20-10 - Double Under, SitUp

5:30am, 9:15am, 4pm, 5pm
Strength - Back Squat

Wednesday 26 Dec - Hopper Deck

8:30am and 4pm 
The Hopper Deck is a deck of cards with a different workout on each one. We pick a card from the deck and read out the WOD. If one person in the group says 'no' the group will do 10 burpees, then pick another card. We will continue to draw cards until nobody in the group says no. You can only say no once! 

Tuesday 25 Dec - Merry Xmas Everybody!

Relax, enjoy the day, eat as much food as possible.

Monday 24 Dec - CFD 12 Days of Xmas - 1 Muscle Up (or wall climb) 2 DeadBall Over Shoulder (60/40), 3 Devils Press (15/10), 4 Power Clean (50/35), 5 cal AirBike, 6 HandStand PushUp (or pushup) 7 Dumbbell StepOver (15/10), 8 Burpee Box Jump, 9 cal Row, 10 Toes To Bar, 11 Thruster (50/35), 1 Mile Run

8:30am Session Only
The WOD goes just like the song - 1 Muscle Up. 2 DeadBall Over Shoulder, 1 MuscleUp. 3 Devils Press, 2 DeadBall Over Shoulder, 1 Muscle Up and so on until the last round where you work back through the entire list.
There will be fruit, beer and cider after the WOD to celebrate the season.

Wednesday 19 Dec - 50 Back Squat (50/35), 40 Front Squat (50/35), 30 OverHead Squat (50/35)

Skills WOD - 7 MinAMRAP - 1 Rope Climb, 3 Shin Hop, 6 Pistol Squat

Friday 14 Dec - Partner WOD - 22 Min AMRAP - 250m Row, 8 Burpee Over Rower

Strength - On The Minute - 10 Mins - 1 Snatch ( Power or Squat)

Tuesday 11 Dec - 15 Min AMRAP - 25 Toes Thru Rings, 50 Plate Over Head Lunge (20/15), 75 SitUp, 100 Double Under

Strength - Seated Press.
 Finisher - 3 Rnd - 30sec Ring Dip, 30sec Rest

Saturday 8 Dec - Partner WOD - 40 Min AMRAP - 100 WallBall, 100 Burpee, 100 Box Step Over (20/15)

One partner works, one rests, swap every minute

Monday 3 Dec - 9 Min AMRAP - 10 Toes To Bar, 15/10cal Row, 20 Dumbbell Snatch (22.5/15)

Strength - Back Squat
A Few Announcements!
1. Rowvember Winners are Harry (145,640) and Lol (140,774). Runners up Kienle (136,096) and Nina (138,569). Special mention to those who consistently rowed 20 mins everyday - Josephine, Maria and Amber.
2. The Trans Tasman Challenge Banner remains at CFD. Well done to everyone who contributed to the gyms score, securing us the win!
3. Session timings over the Xmas period have been posted.

Sunday 2 Dec - Open Gym 2-4pm

Well done Ruby, Jess, Rob, Alex, Kieren and Karlee for the great lifting at last weekends comp. 
The next one is the Australia Day long weekend.

Friday 30 Nov - 3 Rnd - 50 KettleBell Swing (24/16), 10 Clean & Jerk (60/40)

Strength - Clean & Jerk Complex
Today is the last day for The Rowvember Challenge. It most certainty has been a challenge! 
The pure grit and dedication shown by those who rowed 20 mins everyday has been awe inspiring.
Let’s never do it again!

Sunday 25 Nov - Open Gym 2-4pm

The final weightlifting meet on the 2018 NTWA calander will be held today at Training For Warriors Gym, 30 Daly St, Darwin. 
Ladies lift from 11am, Men from approx 12:30pm. Come in and check it out. Cheer on the CFD crew, along with other local lifters. Who knows, it may even inspire you to enter the next one!

Saturday 24 Nov - The 7th Annual Trans Tasman Challenge

The Trans Tasman Challenge is a competition between CFD and MaD CrossFit, (Wellington NZ).
The winner earns the right to hang the banner in their gym until the following year.
3 workouts over 2 hours will take place in our respective gyms, with the scores of the top 10 finishers contributing to the gyms score. 
The workouts will be briefed at 8:30am, 10am and 4pm.
This is a competition for everyone, max participation is encouraged!

Wednesday 21 Nov - 15 Bar MuscleUp, 100 Double Under, 10 Ring MuscleUp, 75 DoubleUnder, 5 Ring HandStand PushUp, 50 Double Under

Skills WOD - 15 Min AMRAP - 9m HandStand Walk, 15 sec Inverted Hang, 21 Pistol Squat

Tuesday 20 Nov - 10-1 - Press (40/30), Dumbbell Squat Clean (20/15), DeadBall DeadLift (60/40)

A massive effort from Sam this weekend at The Torian Pro.
8 gruelling WODs over 2 days, in a stacked field of athletes. 
Finishing 16th overall is epic, well done!

Sunday 18 Nov - Open Gym 2-4pm

Free Intro Session 10am

Friday 16 Nov - 12 Min AMRAP - 9 Toes To Bar, 18m KettleBell Front Rack Lunge (24/16)

Skills - HandStand Walking, Strict MuscleUp