Saturday 30 Aug - 5 Rnds - 20 WallBall, 20 OverHead Lunge Step (9/6), 150m MedBall Carry

If you want to participate in the NorFit Comp at CF 11 Mile next Saturday (3 fun WOD's) you have to let me know by today!!! Everyone should go in it, the WOD's are designed to suit even the brand newest CFer. OR, if helping out is more your thing that would be much appreciated too. Let me know if you would like to give Aaron and Amy a hand on the day controlling the masses - there might be a free beer or two in it for you at the end.... So let me know at CFD, under comments or by email if you want to be involved (physically or mentally)! Don't miss out on what just might be the most fun you have had this year!

Tuesday 26 Aug - 3 x 400m Run, 6 x 200m Run

 Strength - Power Clean and Front Squat

Wednesday 20 Aug - 11 Min AMRAP (up ladder) - KettleBell Swing (32/24), Front Squat (40/30), Ring PushUp

 Was great to have Linzey Beister from Gold Coast Weightlifting Club drop in to train while he was here running the AWF Level 1 Course last weekend
Strength - OverHead Squat
Up Ladder - 1 rep of each, 2 reps of each, 3 reps of each and so on until 11 min is up

Tuesday 19 Aug - 300m Row, 200m Run, 100 Lunge Steps, 50 SitUps, 25 Squat Clean (60/40)

Liam T, 3rd place finish at The CrossFit High Reps Throw Down in Sydney last weekend, awesome!

Monday 18 Aug - 100 Push Press (40/30), 50 Toes To Bar, 25 Ring Dip, 400m Suitcase Carry (24/16)

Push Press - Every time you put the bar down - 5 Burpees (10 Min Cap)
Toes to Bar - Every time you drop from the bar - 5 PushUps (8 Min Cap)
Ring Dips - Every time you drop from the rings - 5 SitUps (6 Min Cap)
Suitcase Carry - Every time you put the KB down - 10 Lunge Steps

Sunday 17 Aug - Open Gym 2-4pm

The 120k Crew!

Saturday 16 Aug - 3 Rnds - 10x 10m Sprint, 21 MedBall Clean. 2 Rnds - 500m Row, 15 Thruster (40/30). 1 Rnd - 1k Run, 9 Dumbbell Squat Clean (20/15)

Free Intro Session at CrossFit 11 Mile today, 2/104 McKinnon Rd, Pinelands, 10am

Wednesday 13 Aug - 50 DeadLift (75/50), 50 Over the Bar Burpee, 50 WallBall

 Well done Simon, fastest male road run at the Katherine Ultra Challenge!
Strength - Weighted PullUp and Turkish GetUp

Monday 11 Aug - 'Helen' - 3 Rnds - 400m Run, 21 KettleBell Swing (24/16), 12 PullUp

Compare to 20 May
Strength - Hang Clean and Press

Sunday 10 Aug - Open Gym 2-4pm

Good luck to the CFDers competing in the NTWA weightlifting comp today and to those riding from Mandorah to Darwin in The Grand Fondo
If you would like to support the weightlifters the comp starts at 11am at CrossFit Territory in Yarrawonga, next to the vet clinic. They would love you there cheering them on!

Friday 8 Aug - 7 Rnds - 7 MedBall Clean, 7 Box Jump, 7 PullUp

Welcome to the August On Ramp group, ready to go!
Strength - DeadLift

Monday 4th Aug - 'Beach WOD' - 8 Rnds - 2 Min AMRAP - 30m Sprint, 5 Burpee, 30m Bear Crawl, 5 Burpee

 The 8am and 3pm sessions today will be held at Casuarina Beach. Bring plenty of water!

Sunday 3 Aug - Open Gym 2-4pm

Remember Monday is a Beach WOD at Casuarina Beach, 8am and 3pm