Saturday 1 Aug - 50 Mountain Climber, 30 cal Ski, 50 Sumo DeadLift (60/40), 30 Sledge Hits, 50 Lateral Jumps, 30 cal Bike, 50 Thruster (20/15), 30 GHD Back Extension, 50 Burpee Over Bar, 30cal Row, 50 Bent Over Row (20/15), 30m Sled Drag

Tomorrow Sam, Jess, Tai and Brody Are CFD Cool Cats and Kittens!
Head on over to CrossFit Abode, Swan St, Winnellie to see them compete in a 4 person team comp.

Wednesday 29 Jul - 18 Min AMRAP - 30 Double Unders, 20 V-Sit, 10 Sumo DeadLift (40/30)

Skills WOD - 10 Min AMRAP - 2 Ring MuscleUp, 4 Pistol Squat, 6 Triple Under, 8 Shin Hop, 10m HandStand Walk

Thursday 23 Jul - 1-2-3-4-5 - Wall Climb, 12-14-16-18-20 - DeadLift (100/70), 30-40-50-60-70 - Double Under

Skills WOD - 6 Min AMRAP - 10m HandStand Walk, 20 Pistol Squat

Tuesday 21 Jul - 3RM Press. 2RM Push Press. 1RM Jerk

Well done to Kwow and Val for taking out first and third at the weightlifting meet on Sunday.
It was one of the few Australian Weightlifting sanctioned competitions to be held this year.

Saturday 18 Jul - In 35 Min 21-15-9 - Row (cal), DeadBall Clean (40/30), Bike (cal), Dumbbell Push Jerk (20/15), Ski (cal). In any time remaining - AMRAP - 5 Burpee Box Jump, 10 Atomic SitUp

Thanks to everyone who tried Claudia’s ice cream and sorbet last weekend. TopEnd End Delights are at Mindil every Sunday from 4pm. They go great with a Darwin sunset! 

Monday 13 Jul. - 5 Rnds - 20 WallBall, 20 Box Jump, 20 KettleBell Swing (24/16), 20 SitUp, 20cal AirBike

The Devils Mile done and dusted for another year.
Well done to everyone who conquered it for the first time or once again.

Saturday 11 July - ‘Devils Mile’ - 400m Lunge Walk, 30 PushUp, 400m Broad Jump, 30 Squat, 400m Plate OverHead Carry (20/15), 30 Burpee, 400m Bear Crawl

Both 8:30am and 4pm will be held at Casuarina Beach.
Put Dripstone Park into google maps. It is the carpark before De La Plage and the Surf Club. 
This is a great WOD, don’t miss it. Bring a friend, partner or dog!

Wednesday 8 Jul - 7 Min AMRAP - 1 Burpee, 3 Toes To Bar

Strength - Front Squat

Sunday 5 Jul - Open Gym 2-4pm

Head to Mindil Beach Markets anytime between 4pm-8pm tonight (Sunday) and CFD will shout every member an ice cream or sorbet.
The catch is you have to get your photo taken with your ice cream so we can make a collage of CFD members supporting Claudia’s new business.

Saturday 4 Jul - 40 Min AMRAP - 2 Stair and Hill Run, 2 Rnds - 5 Broad Jump, 20 Atomic Sit Up, 30 Lunge Step

This Saturday we will meet in the Doctors Gully car park, where the Fish Feeding is. 
After the 8:30am session we can head to The Boat Shed or somewhere else big enough to fit us in for breakfast.  
After the 4pm session there will be an eski full of ice cold beer and cider.
Bring plenty of water and a towel or mat for pushups and situps on the grass.