Monday 1 Jun - 10 Min AMRAP - 21 DeadLift (60/40), 15 PullUp, 9 Snatch (60/40)

 Strength -Snatch and OverHead Squat

Tuesday 26 May - 15-1 - SitUp, Lunge Step. 10-1 - KettleBell Swing (32/24), Burpee. 5-1 - Burpee PullUp, Wall Climb

Gymnastics WOD - 4 Rnds of Tabata of each of the following - PushUp, Dip, Squat, Strict PullUp

Friday 22 May - 21 Back Squat (75/50), 15 Box Jump, 9 MuscleUp

 Strength - Front Squat and Front Rack Lunge
Almost 4 years ago CrossFit Darwin was lucky enough to have Sammy Drescher walk through our door. Since then she hasn't actually left.... she trains, coaches, eats and sometimes sleeps at CFD.
This weekend Sam competes in her 3rd Regionals in as many years. We all know how hard she works, how well she eats and how she doesn't complain about anything, ever. Whether you are in Wollongong this weekend watching Sam or keeping a close eye on the footage and leaderboard from home you will know that the support she receives from CFD is very important to her. We all think you are the greatest Sam and we all know you are going to do very well this weekend. Relax and enjoy it, you have already done the hard work.

Thursday 21 May - 10 Rnds - 6 GHD Back Extension, 12 PushUp

Strength - Weighted PullUp
Yoga is ON tonight (Thursday) at 7pm. Bring a towel, $10, a friend and your sore quads....

Tuesday 19 May - 'Nicole' - 20 Min AMRAP - 400m Run, Max PullUps

Strength - Back Rack (Yolk) Carry Ladder

Monday 18 May - Death By 15m Sprint. Death By Squat. Death By Press

Death by is 1 rep in the first minute, 2 reps in the second minute and so on, adding an extra rep every minute until you are unable to complete the required reps within the minute. The squats will increase by 3 reps every minute.

Saturday 16 May - 'Devils Mile' - 400m Lunge Walk, 30 PushUps, 400m OH Plate Carry (20/15), 30 Squat, 400m Broad Jump, 30 Burpee, 400m Bear Crawl

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The WOD today is a fundraiser event for a close friend of Shaun and Erin Weatherall who has contracted Ewing's Sarcoma . You can check out the Facebook page they have created here.
So bring along some cash for a breakfast BBQ after the 8am session and a BBQ and beers after the 3pm.
 As a BBQ alternative there will be paleo museli and chia pudding (by Erin) and raw sushi (by Rhoda).
There will also be a quick finisher, that will be $10 to enter (all cash going to the fundraising effort).
Feel free to bring a friend, there will be scaled options to make it well doable for anybody.
Also bring a hat and plenty of water, it's a longish WOD....!
The car park is the one before Casuarina Surf Club. From there it's a short walk down to the beach.

Thursday 14 May - 10 Min AMRAP - 10 Cal Row, 10 Dumbbell Snatch (25/20), 10 KettleBell SumoDeadLift HighPull (32/24), 10 Plate Ground To OverHead (25/20)

Skills WOD - 3 Mins Max - Muscle Up, Double Under/Triple Under, HandStand PushUp, V Sit/Strict Toes To Bar. 2 Min Rest between efforts.
Yoga, 7pm, see you all there.

Wednesday 13 May - Run 1K, 30 DeadLift (100/70), 3 Wall Climb, 100 Double Unders, 20 DeadLift, 2 Wall Climb, Run 200m, 10 DeadLift, 1 Wall Climb

Strength - DeadLift
This Saturday we will be going to Casuarina Beach (8am & 3pm) to do the WOD 'Devils Mile'.
We do this one every year so if you have done it before you can now look forward to Saturday! If you have not had the pleasure don't miss out this weekend.
We will also be running this as a fundraiser for a good friend of Shaun and Erin. More info to follow about that but there will be a BBQ at both WOD's and beers after the 3pm 

Tuesday 12 May - 7 Min Up Ladder - Toes To Bar, Push Up, Box Jump

 Strength - Weighted PullUp, Turkish Get Up and Press

Sunday 10 May - Open Gym 2-4pm

Thanks a billion to Adam for putting up our new pull-up bars!

Tuesday 5 May - 4 Rnds - 5 HandStand PushUp, 10 Squat Clean (60/40)

Strength - Clean & Jerk Complex