Wednesday 13 May - Run 1K, 30 DeadLift (100/70), 3 Wall Climb, 100 Double Unders, 20 DeadLift, 2 Wall Climb, Run 200m, 10 DeadLift, 1 Wall Climb

Strength - DeadLift
This Saturday we will be going to Casuarina Beach (8am & 3pm) to do the WOD 'Devils Mile'.
We do this one every year so if you have done it before you can now look forward to Saturday! If you have not had the pleasure don't miss out this weekend.
We will also be running this as a fundraiser for a good friend of Shaun and Erin. More info to follow about that but there will be a BBQ at both WOD's and beers after the 3pm 

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