Friday 1 Jul - Tabata - Row, PushUp, OverHead Lunge (20/15)

Strength - Snatch, Snatch Balance and Snatch DeadLift
There will be no 5:30pm session tonight, there will be fireworks though!

Thursday 30 Jun - 5 Rnd - 10 HandStand PushUp, 15 Front Squat (60/40)

                                               Skills WOD - Frog Stand, MuscleUp, Pistol

Tuesday 28 Jun - 3RM DeadLift. 2 RM Power Snatch. 1 RM Clean

We are really going to miss this guy! Thanks for spending time with us Lane, it's been sensational having you hang out with us the past 5 months. Hopefully you shall return one day soon. 

Monday 27 Jun - 7 Min AMRAP - Burpee

Strength - Back Squat, Front Squat

Sunday 26 Jun - Open Gym 2-4pm

June On Ramp, welcome to CFD! 

Saturday 25 Jun - 60 Min AMRAP - 17 Power Clean (60/40), 75 Squat

On completion of a round - Unload the barbell and carry it 200 meters away. Return to the plates, carry one forward to the barbell. Retrieve the second plate, carry it forward. Reload the bar for the next round.
Credit to CFHQ for this WOD, celebrating the founding of the United States Army

Wednesday 22 Jun - 15-10-5-10-15 - Chest To Bar PullUp, WallBall

Strength - Back Squat and Front Squat

Tuesday 21 Jun - 2 Rnd - 3 Min AMRAP - Bar MuscleUp, 3 Min AMRAP - Strict HandStand PushUp, 3 Min AMRAP - Rope Climb

Strength - Front Squat and Jerk. High Hang Snatch and Sotts Press

Monday 20 Jun - 30 Min AMRAP - 15 OverHead Squat (40/30), 10 PushUp. Every 5 Min, including on 3,2,1....go Run 400m

The progression table of gymnastic movements we covered on the seminar can be found on the CFD  FB page. 

Saturday 18 Jun - 2 Rnds - 3x Suicide Sprint, 50 MedBall Clean, 3x Suicide Sprint, 50 KettleBell Swing (24/16), 3 Suicide Sprint, 50 Plate Ground To OverHead (20/15) then 600m Equipment Carry

Today CFD will host Alex Caufield, of Caufield Conditioning, for two gymnastic seminars. They will be at 11am and 4pm. Each session goes for 2 hours.
The regular 8am and 4pm sessions are still on though.

Thursday 16 Jun - 1K Run, 3 Min Rest, 1K Run

Strength - High Hang Clean, Sotts Press and GoodMorning
There are 2 spots left on the 4pm gymnastic seminar, hosted by Alex Caufield, this Saturday. Cost is $40. If you would like a spot write your name on the board.

Tuesday 14 Jun - 7 Min Up Ladder - HandStand PushUp, Squat Clean (60/40)

1,1,2,2,3,3... etc until 7 Mins is up.
Strength - Back Squat and Front Squat

Friday 10 Jun - 4 Rnd - 3 Burpee MuscleUp, 6 Pistol Squat, 200m Run

Strength - Weighted PullUp and Turkish Get Up

Thursday 9 Jun - 1RM Snatch. 1RM Clean & Jerk

City 2 Surf 2016
Nothing beats those finish line smiles! 
Well done to all of you, especially those who did NorFit the day before, crazy!

Wednesday 8 Jun - 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 - Dumbbell Snatch (20/15), Burpee

This sequence shot is a great example of the effort Carmel put in, not only for this PB lift but for all the NorFit WOD's last weekend. 
Well done again to everyone who put their fears aside and gave it a go last weekend. Next one is 27th August. It will be a team comp, more details will be out soon.

Tuesday 7 Jun - 50 OverHead Lunge Step (20/15), 50 Cal Row, 50 DeadLift (70/50)

What a sensational day at CrossFit Top End for the first NorFit of 2016. 
I could not be any prouder of the courage, effort and achievements of the CFD crew. 
Special thanks to the organisers, judges and spectators. You make all the fun possible.
Skills WOD - Strict HandStand PushUp, Pistol Squat, HandStanding Walking

Monday 6 Jun - 10-1 - Toes To Bar, SitUp. 1 Min Rest. 10-1 Press (40/30), PushUp

Strength - Back Squat and Front Squat