Friday 27 Jan - 10 HandStand PushUp, 15 Jumping Squat, 20 Bar Facing Burpee, 25 DeadLift (80/60), 100 Double Under, 25 DeadLift (80/60), 20 Bar Facing Bupee, 15 Jumping Squat, 10 HandStand PushUp

  I told a few people the 8am session would be cancelled today but it's back on.
How awesome is the wall!! Thanks Chloe Blanchard!
Great turnout at the Aus Day Lifting Comp, plenty of crowd support meant PB's all round!


  1. Hello Crossfitters

    I can't post tomorrows WOD (something is broken) but it is still on and it is a great one so be there at 8am or 3pm!

  2. Hey Kelly,

    That new mural looks awesome!!! Love it!


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