Friday 23 Mar - Games WOD #5 - 7 min AMRAP - 3 Thruster (45/30), 3 Chest to Bar PullUp, 6 Thruster, 6 Chest to Bar PullUp, 9 Thruster, 9 Chest to Bar PullUp (keep adding 3 reps until 7mins is up)!

  The last Games WOD for the 2012 Open is the same as the last WOD from the 2011 Open - I like it, a way to gauge your improvement after 11 months of training.
Compare to 28 Apr

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  1. Kel,
    Thanks for confirming this mornings WOD results straight away. I was 50th in Australia for a brief period. Even got a photo to prove it ;)

    See you all back at Crossfit Darwin in 5 weeks, I'm off to see the world (US)....

    Cheers Carl


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