Monday 19 Sep - 'Partner WOD' - 3 Rnds (each) - Run 200m, 10 Toes To Bar, 20 PushUps, 30 Walking Lunge

While partner #1 completes a round partner #2 does as many Snatch Grip DeadLifts (70/50) as possible. Partners switch when partner #1 completes a round. Score is time minus 1 second for every DeadLift.
Awesome efforts at the weightlifting comp today from all the CFDers - Mel, Leanne, Kel R, Cody, Brad and John. Thanks to all who came and supported too!


  1. Geoff + Elio- R'xd= 15:37 :-)

  2. Hi Kell greetings from Laj- te family had stomach flu last week started with the little miss--- dad still crook till now.
    We were off training and Gary has had busy busy weeks too!!!

    Went back training yesterday and it was great didn't get to donut with partner so time was 13:36 for 3 rounds. Gary did it 24:23 he added 30 shoulder presses and chin ups.

    Looking forward for a great week!!! Hope all good your way! X


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