Thursday 03 Jun 10 - "Sage" 2 Rds 20 Thrusters (60/40), 20 PullUps, 20 Burpees

Don't know who Sage is? Hit the link. She is a bit older than that now but at 15 she was throwing around the kind of weight that makes me wonder if she was lifting on the moon? Her dad is Coach Burgener who runs the CrossFit Olympic Lifting Certifications. She was always going to be able to lift!
As of Monday 7th Jun there will be morning WOD's at CFD. Timings are 0545-0630. So who is keen for an early morning session??


  1. Hay Guys'n'Gals, check out this link:

    She looks great and she has the right ideas but I think she'd struggle at CFD??? ;)

    See y'awl Monday I hope :)

  2. right ideas ?? definitely not paleo ideas ... is that pasta and some kind of rolls I see in the background ....

  3. I meant the exercises - didn't notice the foodstuffs (too busy looking at the abs & the implants!).

  4. woot woot finally did a work out with all kipping!! Arms are so dead now...

  5. :)Go Jay!
    So tired before our workout tonite Kelly but feel so much better that it got done~

  6. So proud of you Jay, not to mention REALLY JEALOUS - it took me so long to kip!

    Yay Connie - making the effort to get here is the only hard part - the rest is, as you all know, Easy!


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