Wednesday 26 May - "Fran" 21-15-9 Thruster(45/30), PullUp

Dazed survivors from J.T pondering the near impossibility of a few lazy push ups!
It has been 6 weeks since we busted out a 'Fran'. Compare to


  1. hey kel
    The box is looking awsome! good to see your getting a big gang now!! Must be some good competition going on now.

  2. Hi Chris
    Thanks, it gets better every day and yep, numbers seem to increase daily too! Morning classes start in a few weeks. How are you going over there?

  3. In case you were wondering from which twisted mind Fran spawned is her story

  4. Hey Kel...
    Carmen - 10:58, Rx weight, pull up blue band
    Cazz - 5:37, 15kg, pull up blue band

    My boss had to come out and make sure we were ok today...he said the grunting was echoing through the warehouse!

  5. Kel - 10:00 Rx weight and ended up in a blue band by the end.....

    Jay - 13:(something????) - Rx weight and chickened out on the pull ups. Orange band.

    I did 8 kipping though....

  6. 7:21 20kg blue band, next time we do it i should be up for the RX and the red band

  7. Emma - 7:34 Unfortunately I was on the baby weights and the blue bands. I so want to play with the big kids toys!!

    Hey great news, not only am I sore this morning, but I have my first callous - does that mean I am officially a crossfitter?

    Look forward to seeing you all tonight.

  8. Paul: 7:26/30kg/red band!!

    Rich: 6:25/37.5kg/red band!!

  9. Oops - selling ourselves short there - we were using 'orange' bands not red :)


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