Thursday 27th May - 3 Rounds - 60sec L Sit, 30 GoodMornings, 60 SitUps, 30 BackExtensions

Nice work on Fran, it doesn't get any more CrossFit than her.


  1. This one took ages!! Think we were still suffering from Fran yesterday!

    Carmen - 19:33 - 15kg
    Cazz - 20:20 - 10kg

  2. Kel- 22.21, 20kg
    Jay- 22.22, 20 kg

    We have lost the skin of our bums again!!!

    Have fun in NZ Kel...Just remember its 'EASY'

  3. Hello Carmen - yes, this one takes a while - you guys got great times

    Kel and Jay - funny! I think you have just given me a great word for just before the lift - my inner voice that sometimes say 'this is too heavy' is now going to say 'easy' - thanks guys, you rock!

  4. Paul - 23:01/20kg
    Rich - 23:09/20kg

    OUCH!! I've too have no skin left at the top of my b*m cleft :(

    Kelly - enjoy the NZ trip, I'm sure you'll be 'awesome' :)

  5. RE: the "top o' the crack" chaffing:
    Makes a BIG difference if you roll up a towel or item of clothing and place it under your lower back. OR, we could just get Abmats ;)


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