Tuesday 13 Apr - "Fran" 21, 15, 9. Thruster, PullUp

***WOD's will be at Unit 5, 34 Bishop Street, Woolner from now on. ***

The Rx'd (prescribed) weight for the Thruster is 45kg for males and 30kg for females.
We will scale everyone to a weight that is challenging for the number of reps required.
Pull Ups will be done in power assist bands. This allows for full range of movement and enables you to achieve the number of reps required for this WOD.
This is our first 'benchmark WOD'. You will soon be able to answer the question "What's your Fran time?"
See you all at the new CrossFit Darwin box, 6pm.


  1. Fran - Rx weight until final round, scaled to 25kg, jumping heaves - 17:39.

  2. Nice Carmen - heavy!
    Here are all the other Fran times from today

    Aaron - 6:23 (40kg)
    Steve - 9:32 (35kg, purple band)
    Paul - 8:11 (30kg, purple band)
    Rich - 8:27 (30kg, purple band)
    Andrew - 11:04 (30kg, purple band)
    Kell - 8:03 (20kg, purple band)
    Jay - 5:18 (15kg, purple band)
    Connie - 6:55 (15kg, purple band)

  3. My thighs hurt!!! ;-)

  4. Arrrggghhh!! Worst time ever... Increase weight by 10kg = extra 10 minutes to Fran time. (Plus, I didn't have you or Chris yelling at me...3, 2, 1 Go!!)

  5. Paul - tomorrows WOD should be a little more thigh friendly than today and yesterday!

    Carmen - Heavy is best, it means you are getting stronger - soon it will be heavy and 10mins faster!

  6. Last night I could not eat tea and was seeing spots for an hour or so. That was really hard work!! Thanks


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