Saturday 15 May - "Eva" - 5 Rounds - Run 800m, 30 KB Swings (32/24), 30 Pull Ups

The Scale for Eva will be "Half Eva"- 5 Rnds - 400m Run, 15 KB Swing and 15 Pull Ups.
Paleo Picnic this Saturday, Fannie Bay, great introduction to eating real food!


  1. Kelly - will not make it to the picnic & will need to do my workouts @ home till Troy gets back from going out bush. Good Luck everyone ;)

  2. Hi Connie - this afternoon I will post a selection of WOD's for you to do at home that do not need equipment. Jake and Nic can do the 3-2-1-go for you!!

  3. Thanks Kelly- we are going shopping for our Paleo foods today.

  4. 24:30 blue band / 12kgs devo my leg played up today

  5. Fundamentals Graduation WOD

    Jen - 9:23
    Michele - 11:07
    Marcus - 11:13
    Tanya - 13:47

    Nice work guys - see you all Monday!!

  6. Kell i forgot my time for eva today, do you have it still?

    Connie, missed seeing you and Jake today!!!!!

  7. kel= 29.40( blue band and 20kg KB)
    Jay= 26.50( red band and 16kg KB)

    Just got back from the show... ate fairy floss, red cordial snow cone thingy, biggest steak sandwich ever, hot chips and sauce... now feel like crap but ready for Paleo!!

  8. Ha, you guys are funny - the last of the great binges! I love it. Now it is time to be cave women for 6 weeks - then tell me how much better you feel for it, not to mention faster and stronger!!

  9. Ame - I did write them down but they are at the box. I will post your time tomorrow.

    I can't wait to taste those Paleo Cookies at Fannie Bay later!!


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