Friday 14 May - CrossFit Darwin Rest Day

A reminder for those who are interested we are getting together for a 'Paleo Picnic' 5:30pm this Saturday at Fannie Bay. The link with all the info is on the right hand side of the home screen, under the information heading. Bring friends, family, dogs, beers and Paleo food if you like. (Yes, yes I know beer isn't a Paleo food)


  1. 100 chest to overhead (press, push press or push jerk) Rx M40kg/F30kg:

    Wal: 30kg / 5:46
    Carmen: 20kg / 6:02
    Shorty: 15kg / 5:51
    Cazz: 10kg / 5:09
    Phil: 25kg (scaled to 15kg after 60) / 3:57

  2. Enjoying 2days rest day (this week has knackered me out!!). Won't be able to come to Paleo clinic errr I mean picnic(sounds quite medical!) but will be enjoying a few Paleo beers nonetheless ;-)


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