Thursday 13 May - 5 Rounds - 5 Muscle Ups, 10 Power Cleans (60/40), Run 220m

The substitute for Muscle Ups is Pull Ups and Rings Dips or Muscle Up Progressions


  1. oo! Muscle ups are my fave!
    im meant to be resting today...
    but Muscle ups! hmm, tough choice!

    BTW, We've missed seeing Jake at the box! Wassup Jake? You are falling behind in forging your elite fitness bro!

  2. Can't wait for the paleo challenge!!!

    Here are some good sites for paleo-recipes ideas:

    Everyday Paleo -
    Cosmopolitan Primal -

    My Paleo Kitchen -

    Paleo Plan -

    Paleo Mama -

    And of course, Mark Sisson's Primal Cookbook is going to be released in July!!!!!!!

  3. Hey Kel you missing me as much as i am missing you???

    Be back next week, cant wait....


  4. Hi Kel,

    Pull ups, not MUs today:

    Phil: 9:07/red band/35kg
    Carmen: 10:53/red band/30kg
    Cazz: 10:31/red band/25kg

  5. kel= 11.41/ 30kg
    jay= 1151/ 30kg

    see you all sat!

  6. 10.05 with 40kg (50 for the first)lol

  7. 13.25 (or something cr*p like that LOL) & 40kg. Must practice my Power Cleans - Getting a smooth & constant rhythm going seems to be a clock beater watching Rich & Troy go so well after me! ;-)

  8. Bev 14:44 with 40kgs

    Emma 14:42 with the girlie bar

    Yep, I beat him, I made his scream for his mum, well okay may be not and we will ignore the fact that I had the baby bar. I can give you all the excuses under the sun, however it doesn't change the fact that I am as weak as a six year old girl.

    Aiming to do a Saturday session, just need to get up in time though. Hopefully see you all then.

  9. 12:52 20kgs thats the most i've ran in ages


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