Wednesday 12 May - "Helen" - 3 Rnds - 400m Run, 21 Kettlebell Swings 24kg/16kg, 12 Pull Up

The Paleo Challenge kicks of this Saturday night with a Paleo Picnic. Click here for more info.


  1. make sure you get your 8 hours a night folks!:

  2. Kel- 12:42 (16Kg/Red band)

    Jay- 11:18 ( 16Kg/Red band)

  3. Great improvement from you two and Connie. Results based training - you 3 constantly work hard and it is now showing in WOD results.

  4. Hi Kel...

    Phil - 10:47/20kg/blue band
    Cazz - 11:36/8kg/blue band
    Carmen - 12:04/16kg/blue band

    Luke rested/motivated today - he flies out tomorrow to run the 100km at the Blue Mountains on the weekend...good luck dude!

    PS - Red band from now on...argh!

  5. Good luck on the run Luke, that's pretty crazy!

    Yeah red band!

  6. I am pretty sure i did it in 11.03
    On a 20 kg Kettle bell and yellow band

  7. 17 mins 40-ish? [But I ran 2km each time, used a 100kg KB and did one-arm pull-ups with the KB in my teeth - in my dreams! ;-)]
    In reality: I ran like my Nanna after her hip replacement & used a 24kg KB and NO band for pull-ups [But had to resort to jumping pull-ups in the end - what a loser!!! :-(]

  8. Funny Paul!!
    Loser?? No way, you are only a few pull ups off doing Helen as RX'd - that is an awesome effort! We will get her next time!

  9. 15:28/16kg Blue band - thanks Kelly, I am sure I will get faster if you would just let a pack of mean dogs loose about 20 secs after I have started. NO, don't do that - I would just get eaten...

  10. Bev 19:37 (20kg / no band, but jumping)

    Emma 19:38 (8kg / blue band)

    I couldn't let Bev be beaten, I would never here the end of it!!

    I think next time I am going to go for the red band and may (just maybe) a heavier kettle. We will see. Oh Paul you were not running like a Nanna, everyone was on their second round when I had just finished my first run.

    Awesome work out guys, thank you.

  11. Can't wait for the paleo challenge!!!

    Here are some good sites for paleo-recipes ideas:

    Everyday Paleo -
    Cosmopolitan Primal -

    My Paleo Kitchen -

    Paleo Plan -

    Paleo Mama -

    And of course, Mark Sisson's Primal Cookbook is going to be released in July!!!!!!!


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