Tuesday 11 May - 7 Rnds - 10 HandStand PushUp, 10 Squat Clean, 10 L PullUp

Now that is a big fan!!


  1. So the fan is real! looks great ;)

  2. That IS a freakin' HUGE fan!!! ;-)

  3. And its RED!! goes faster! big ass Red fan!

  4. Results....
    Ian - 31:03 Rx'd
    Kell - 26:09
    Yvette - 20:17
    Alana - 23:15
    Ella - 23:48
    Emma - 21:19
    Connie - 22:20 5 Rnds)
    Paul - 17:25 (5 Rnds)
    Rich - 18:20 (5 Rnds)
    Katrina - 22:50 (4 Rnds)

  5. Hey Smell, well done from the games - you rock... and nice socks!! Can you get some for the CFD clothing range?

    So...these are the results from work - but firstly: I showed the boys how to do the handstand push ups using the bands. Luke tried it, but fell back against the ab tower, got his shorts caught on something and as he stood up, they ripped at the back. Hilarious. Funniest demo ever, laughed for a good ten minutes...and after watching that, Phil chickened out and they just did decline push ups off 2 x mog tyres for their workout.

    7 rounds:

    Luke: 12.28 - Dec push up/30kg/blue band (normal heaves - sadly, we can't do L heaves on our ab station).
    Phil: 16.15 - Dec push up/25kg/blue band.
    Carmen: 21.14 - HS push up w bands/25kg/blue band.

  6. That was hilarious Carmen - I laughed like I was there!
    They are my Pippy Long Sockings - glad you like them but I fear you may be taking the piss?? They were for the next event with deadlifts - jeez, now i am trying to justify my cool long socks! I will stop talking now.

  7. No way - great idea for dead lifts! Plus, some of the cross fit photos from the 80's have chicks in knee highs...it's awesome. I'll wear some to the next sess to prove I ain't takin the piss.... :)

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