Sunday 16 May - CrossFit Darwin Rest Day

As of Monday CrossFit Darwin will also have a 7pm-8pm session, Mon - Thur. Saturday morning is still 8-9:30am. It's up to you guys if you do the 6pm or the 7pm session, it will be the same WOD.


  1. A question I forget to ask at the Paleo picnic is - does anyone have any definite opinion or earth shattering revelations regarding diary in Paleo ?

    James (former Ben and Jerry's icecream expert)

  2. Kelly, I am the new owner of a 16kg kettlebell, hope this helps with the workouts for home. I took recipes from the paleo nutrition link to start on Monday.

  3. Connie - I have emailed you WOD's to do at home. I have put in a kettlebell one too!

    That's great that you are hitting the paleo challenge! You will love it.


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