Tuesday 30 Jun - 7 Min Up Ladder - Bench Press (40/30), DeadLift (100/70). 3 Min Rest. 7 Min Up Ladder - 10m Sprint, 10 Double Under. 3 Min Rest. 7 Min Up Ladder - Rope Climb, Wall Climb

All the lifts were covered at the NTWA/DPI 5 Lift Comp on Sunday! Such a great day. Well done to all those who competed and thanks for all the crowd support. 
Next big day is this Saturday at CrossFit Top End for the first NorFit of 2015. If you are not interested in spending your entire Saturday working out but you would still like to be involved please let me know. They are still looking for judges and people to help out on the day with things like equipment moving. Volunteers are what makes the day a success so any help would be very much appreciated.

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