Thursday 24 Feb - 1 Pullup in the first minute, 2 in the second minute, 3 in the third minute and so on until you cannot complete the number of Pullups for that minute

Thumbs up to Monkeys!!
 Compare to 28 Sep


  1. SO MANY PR's for the 4k Interval session!! Amy C - 3:49 faster, Kel S - 2:12, Paula - 2:02, Stu - 1:26, Mel - 1:25, Dave T - 1:07, Matt M - 1:02 and Josh :30sec. Amazing efforts from everyone, including a crazy effort from Marnie doing the session twice today!!

    Also some big news!! It looks like CFD is moving to a bigger better warehouse - in the city - in about 4 weeks. It's not totally confirmed yet but looking likely!

  2. This WOD will be a good opportunity to try the pull up band assist variation shown on the Crossfit main site today!

  3. Thats exciting news! Hopefully it all goes through ok! Aaron and I are looking forward to getting back. We miss CFD :(

    Keep us posted!

    -Amy D


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