Tuesday 25 Jan - 'Fran' - 21-15-9 Thruster (40/30), PullUp

Bruce on the rower in Afghan
Compare to 6 Sep
LIFT - 2x3 Front Squat
CrossFit Darwin reopens with every CrossFitters favourite WOD!!


  1. Hey all Crossfitters!

    For those who are doing the Australia Day 4km Fun Run on the Esplanade tomorrow morning, I've booked a table at Ducks Nuts for breakfast for whoever is keen. Booking is at 7:45am (should be plenty of time for us all to finish the run) and it's under 'Mel'.

    Please let me know if you would like to come (via comment to this post) so I can make sure there's enough seats for all!

    See you there!


  2. Hey Kel, yay Fran!

    Carmen - 30kg/blue - 12:35
    Caroline - 20kg/blue - 10:36
    Sarah - 15kg/blue - 11:30

  3. Hey Mel, u know I'm in. See u at the esplanade at 6.15!!! C'mon crossfitters, earn that Aussie day BBQ and beers! Kelly S.

  4. I'm there too Mel!! I hope we all find each other in the morning??

  5. Awesome Carmen, Caroline and Sarah! I hope you guys have a great Australia Day over there in Timor.

    Carmen please tell me you can steam the hottest 100??

  6. So, it is being played on the local ABC radio, thank god. I heard the ad for it today while driving around town - I was so excited!! We have a cricket game on tomorrow, but I plan to spend the entire day sitting in the Troopy listening to the Hottest 100, being completely unsociable. No JJJ is killing me!


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