Sunday 23 Jan - 10 Rnds - Run 1 minute, Walk 1 minute

 Shelley experimenting with boxing in the bands!
Find a friend for this WOD - it will be fun! The fastest of the 2 can walk back to the other person during the active recovery. It will be like 10 running races.


  1. To the people who came down to show their support
    To the people who couldn’t stay, but made the effort to come by to drop off a donation and a care pack
    To the visitors from CFD who came down and got behind this great cause
    And of course to the amazing athletes of CFT, who dug deep and once again got behind the community;
    It is with much pride and gratitude that we announce that today we raised
    $1520.00 for the QLD Flood Appeal
    To the CFD girls who did come down for the event:
    1. top five are posted on
    2. If you need a receipt for your donation please email your postal address to
    Thanks again for your support

  2. Hey Kelly

    5 rounds;
    5 burpee
    10 sit up
    5 push up
    10 squat

    Ayla 7:54
    Annie 7:13

    Ayla has been doing coffee table jumps (show off) and dumbell swings too.

    cheers - Annie

  3. Hi Annie

    Great WOD for you guys to do at home!

    Ayla, stop teasing your mum with coffee table jumps. Anyway Annie, your jumping is ten times better than 3 months ago - at that rate of improvement you will be breaking box jumping records in no time!!


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